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4 reasons Homewood is trending as one of the BEST places to live


1. The houses are dreamy

“Homewood’s prices are a premium right now due to everyone wanting a community feel with walkability and sidewalks to restaurants, shops, and churches. But there is still great value in these homes and new houses popping up everyday!”

Stacy Flippen, RealtorArc Realty – Homewood

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2. Housing trends = smart remodels

“We are continuing to see more remodels where people are being smart with the space they are given. Homewood isn’t known for garages, foundations and tons of storage so I have noticed how people are using space more effectively. My perspective on why Homewood is such a community and friendly neighborhood is due to the fact that we have to get out of our cars in our driveway rather than a garage. We engage with our neighbors more because of that.”

Stacy Flippen, RealtorArc Realty – Homewood

3 . The community is tight

“When you go in the Piggly Wiggly, they all know your name and where your car is parked. You will walk into your home any afternoon and find 15 kids sitting around or playing in the yard.”

Stacy Flippen, RealtorArc Realty – Homewood

4. There’s tons of entertainment + more

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