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Agriculture: Caputo, part of the Campania technological revolution – Environment & Territory

Experimental Project Presentation

(ANSA) – NAPOLI, 22 SET – “The Campania is nominated to establish a point of reference for the development of new technologies in agriculture, with the aim of stimulating sustainable agri-food production, adapting to climate change and reducing the environmental impact The truth is that now I will create the cultural conditions that the regional administration will adhere to, if appropriate, by putting in rete and information systems to offer services that have evolved, and at this time I will establish the agricultural riescano to capire quali dati chiedere, how to share big data and dove risiedono le infrastrutture”. It was described by the Assessore all’Agricoltura della Regione Campania, Nicola Caputo, speaking at the presentation of the experimental project “Agritech: Data commons per migliorare l’efficiency e la sostenibilità dell’agricoltura intelligente. Il progetto Agrimed nell’area mediterranea”, organized da Rural Hack, task force of the Societing Lab, at the Polo Tecnologico dell’Università di Napoli Federico II in San Giovanni a Teduccio.

“In a historical period characterized by climatic and geopolitical changes – continues the Caputo assessment – the crucial question is to innovate the agri-food system, involving the world of research, institutions and consumers. Europe presents a large ecosystem per meter to value It is the reason that the region has responded to all concrete choices of territory and printing, but with a new strategic vision. It is necessary to invest in innovation, safety, tracciability and typicità of the industry to be more competitive, but soprattutto dobbiamo favor a change of mentality” .

Technology 4.0 for a sustainable agriculture will be one of the hot topics of the next European program, as well as the new program of the Piano di Sviluppo Rurale della Regione Campania that will concentrate on rising its innovations.

“Stiamo già working alla new programmazione 2023/2027, putting at its own center the measure destined for all knowledge, all training and all innovation, in complete harmony with the academic world. In a moment of crisis, innovation presented the true element of its growth Our economy is only associated with environmental, social, economic and productive sustainability. Starting from the new generation. Not a case – concludes Nicola Caputo – we are the region that has invested in più sui giovani, using laughter that vanno oltre quelle tipiche dei fondi europei, thanks to the determination of President De Luca”.

The Agrimed project safeguards and data commons to improve the efficiency and sustainability of intelligent agriculture.

“Il world dell’agricoltura – says Alex Giordano, professor at the Digital Transformation of the Federico II University of Napoli and scientific director of Rural Hack – is experiencing a gradual revolution based on its digital transformation and its use of tech 4.0 that, through great quantity Of this, I also consent to imagine that the billing system is sustainable from the environmental, economic and social point of view.I am certain and big data Authentic the printed single to ridurre gli input in the field or ad anticipare problematiche sui raccolti con risparmi economici e minori Negative impact on the environment. It is interesting to note, thanks to the experiments with the Agrimed project, as well as the products and sharing of the main ecosystem of a territorial ecosystem, we can generate greater value for the advantage of the printed group and of the territory in question. way vorremmo spostare l’attenzione sui dati come beni comuni”. (ANSA).