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Also the music must have fun sustainably. It’s not enough to sing the atmosphere-

Un’altra possible music. And it is not enough to sing the environment or introduce thematic green nei testi dei brani in concorso a Sanremo or in qualsiasi another contest. This is the idea promoted by the “Manifesto of Sustainable Music”, a decalogue of the norm finalized to ridurre l’impatto environmen- tale dei live and, in general, dell’intera filiera que route around alla produzione di singoli ed album e all’organizazione di tour outdoor ed indoor. Il Manifesto promosso da PMI, l’Associazione dei Produttori Musicali Indipendenti which comprises around 110 associations and represents 28% of the record market in Italywith the collaboration of Impala (Indipendent Music Companies Association), which represents the organization of the European label, and rockol.

The document does focus on its objective I will create a diffuse knowledge, from the artists, from the fans and from the aziende, in reference to all the environmental themes correlate to the music. To this conceptual objective is also added another practical one: organize events and initiatives that aim to address the environmental impact of the entire system using music as a “vettore” to solicit politics and condotte di matrice green. The Manifesto has also been able to contribute to the creation of a continuous and constant dialogue with the national and local institutions in order to promote initiatives for the environmental sustainability of the musical sector.

The pandemic and criticism of the settore

Pianeta 2030 if I was concerned with environmental problems, I would go to the world of music and I would like to respond to some of the initiatives, soprattutto da part dei singoli artisti, per I will contribute to performing a show with a green matrix (leggi qui). A single concerto, secondo alcune ricerche, generates fra i 2 and 10 kg of CO2 per observer: in another event at the Stadio Olimpico, ad esempio, could carry all’emissione di oltre 500 tons of CO2. Avevamo also analizzato The impact on the CO2 terminus of vinyl production and calcolato as a LP may arrive to contain 135 grams of PVC that originate a quantity of 0.5 kg of CO2 (leggi l’articolo). And also the fruition of music across piattaforme with Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music is not present in the production of effetti sull’ambiente: generally, infatti, If you estimate that an average music ascoltator consumed almost 110 kilowatts of electrical energy all year, with picchi that arrived at 300 kilowatts as well.

I punti programmatici of the Manifesto

Il Manifesto si articola atraverso ten punti programmatici che rappresentano, al tempo stesso, alche degli obiettivi. If it is a road-map that has been held accountable by the recording industry – says Francesca Traini, Chair of Impala and Vice President of PMI —. Spesso le aziende non hanno coscienza del reale environmen- tal impact of the settore; With the Manifesto we will raise awareness of this issue and producers and artists and fans, who have often shown a noteworthy interest in this field. Fra i punti pi interessanti c’ ad esempio la creazione, in ogni realt produttiva, of a figure of “responsible for environmental sustainability”, a sustainability manager who has the task of analyzing the impact of the production process ed elaborate strategie maggiormente imprentate to the rispetto of the green. Another determining point is the implementation of a fruitful dialogue with the national and local institutions. A settembre siamo stati convocati con altre associazioni di settore From the Ministry of Beni Culturali – says Luca Barone, general secretary of PMI -. Ci sono state indicate le due address included in the Pnrr: the first one governs digitalization, the second one relative to the sustainability of the settore. With the Manifesto we have tried to hope for solutions in a short and medium time in this last area.

Il carbon calculator delle note

Fra i punti pi importanti del Manifesto c’ ache lo sviluppo e l’adozione de un instrument de informe, il “Carbon Calculator”, in degree of fornire dati inequivocabili in terms of environmental impact and fungere da stimolo per iniziative propositive in terms of sustainability . The system, through a mechanism of control and risposte, to a degree accertare quali siano i processi pi impattanti e proporre alternative pi green its basis for a numerical valuation. At the end of March we will present the Carbon Calculator alle aziende – continues Barone -. The idea of ​​this essential instrument for I will consent to all record cases to understand its own environmental impact. The scarsa climatic sensibility, infatti, a cultural problem, ma una modifies negli approcci produttivi non solo possibile, ma pu risultare also vantaggiosa under the economic profile.