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Always più barche elettriche to save environment and climate (VIDEO)

SIMA: Reduced costs, increased energy efficiency by 50% and reduced CO2 emissions. Sudden incentive for the nautical electrical industry

[13 Maggio 2022]

At the convention “Obiettivo impatto zero”, organized by the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (SIMA) on the occasion of the opening of the Ebs – Electric Boat Show 2022, the first International Fair dedicated to the 100% electric navigation that if you have all the Idroscalo di Milano da August 15, 2016, is emerging that «Così come avvenuto nel setore delle auto, also in the compartment of the nautica da diporto in Italia if it assists with an increase in the electric motors that are replacing and traditional motors endotermici montati sulle imbarcazioni».

The president of SIMA, Alessandro Miani, has outlined that “The electric power of the barche represents the most important step for the long list of benefits that it entails. Parallel to the reduction of the operating cost and the improvement of the safety life, the switch to the electric motor involves a sensitive increase in energy efficiency, carrying it from an average 8% of a mezzo spinto with an endothermic motor to 50% of an electric mezzo. The environmental benefits are evident: all the same we have shown the impact of the entire cycle of life of the electrical mechanisms due to internal combustion, if the net reduction of CO2 emissions is increased. The conversion of the oltre 570,000 imbarcazioni da diporto (of which 50% is less than 10 meters) now in Italy will contribute to the increase of 40% of Net Zero income by 2030, as planned by the European Union. At the front of the environment, the use of the electrical imbarcazioni allows the emission of harmful substances, typical of the traditional barche, sia in the sea, sia in the atmosphere, as aromatic and alifatic hydrocarbons, particolato, fini and ultrafini powder, ossidi di azoto e di zolfo, oli minerali, etc.. L’elettrificazione del settore contribuebbe alla riduzione degli impatti not solo della navigazione, ma ache dei servizi di rimessaggio e il ripristino degli ecosistemi marini nelle aree portuali».

Because of this, SIMA calls on the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia Pi, to anticipate in the National Tourism Plan an incentive for the electrical nautical industry that implements all electrical mobility and all infrastructure for slow tourism, which will contribute to a significant increase in the attraction of Italian tourism in the world, starting from dai Paesi del Nord Europa già oggi più di noi attenti alla sostenibilità environmen- tale in ogni declinazione turistico-ricettiva e de servizi accessori».

The convention has evidenced that «Electric nautical spinge besides the industry to innovate the entire naval technology, to integrate it into the circular economy. The constructions could be constructed by leggere and resistance using innovative eco-composite material, such as basalt fiber or other vulcanized friction, linen and bamboo mixed with highly recyclable resin, or recyclable aluminum. In this way, the biocide rivestimenti currently used to avoid the growth of the biological layer under the scafi (biofouling), cause of the increase in energy consumption, are in via the replacement with products of natural origin that do not harm the aquatic ecosystem and the Annessa Catena Alimentare. The future of green navigation is promising and proceeds to watch out with a bill expected to be worth 20 million dollars between 2027».

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