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André breaks silence about Sport’s departure: “I was not able to be a baba, director and still score a goal” | sport

“The record did not fall. Because he was leaving Sport to never turn back.”

As André’s words we offer a silent farewell. We represent the exact moment in which the attacker crossed the ports of CT do Sport, in Guabiraba, for the last time – in September of last year. He has been soaked since então. Three months later, either shirt 90 breaks or silence on a passagem disturbed by Ilha do Retiro.

“That was the last time. Unfortunately. I tied because I’m not so young anymore. I’m 31 years old and I want to look for other paths. I don’t want to say that I won’t come back anymore, but as a gamer it will be complicated. Maybe it’s a different function.”

— says the attacker, in an exclusive interview with ge.

André, striker of Sport, during a match against Grêmio — Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

André remains silent because he had not yet been assigned to terminate his contract with Sport. He says he didn’t want to cause trouble. He said in October, in the midst of a crisis lived by the club. At that time, he spoke as a technician Gustavo Florentín and as a director, besides his own president (but by phone).

“It was a tense day. As a result, we weren’t acknowledging a lot that I was failing. But the decision was made.”

Andre says.

The details of André’s breakthrough with Sport

Ali, o centroavante repassou na cabeça the last four months lived in Ilha do Retiro. A passagem marked by performance falls, changes in the directorship and errors in the football department.

“I ended up feeling a little relieved to be coming to my house. I know that because of everything that was happening, for the chat. For the things that we were faking. .”

Thiago Neves and André Sport x Atlético-GO — Photo: Anderson Stevens / Sport

A decision to leave or Sport

André chegou ao Sport em maio, in the management of então president Milton Bivar. From that moment, he accompanied the resignation of the president, the entry of a provisional president and the call for new elections (in July).

– I do not know the president, he has resigned. He had made a sacrifice to go to Sport, he had to make another one that was more than 30% (two salaries). Some people didn’t want us there, like two leaders, and other people we had to convince them to accept. It was all very exhausting.

A director made an agreement with the cast, in August of last year, to “suspend” 30% of two salaries at the end of the season. The values ​​must be paid now at the beginning of the year.

“It’s not enough for you to do everything at the same time. Take care of the extrafield, play soccer. It was what I was doing for the people. I wasn’t getting to be a boss, director and still score a goal. So it was catching me. It was harming me and for nothing Prejudice or clube, eu preferi sair.”

Nelo Campos and Thiago Neves announce an agreement that suspends 30% two salaries of the cast of Leão

Nelo Campos and Thiago Neves announce an agreement that suspends 30% two salaries of the cast of Leão

Or desabafo: “We need a president”

The problems do centroavante, no entanto, começaram much earlier. The first public demonstration of André happened on July 7, after or tie with Atlético-GO. The attacker claimed lies and requested the resignation of a new president, when the club was with a provisional president.

Ali, or Sport awaited the new elections. The director had disclosed the payment of back wages to the cast, and the players foram à social networks deny the story. The episode had an impact on André’s routine.

– Directors ficaram chatted, conselheiros ficaram chatted. But eu only falei to true. It ended up that another director didn’t talk more with me and started to say things that weren’t true about me or Thiago (Neves).

  • RELEMBRE: Em meio a crise, André claims no Sport lies and says: “People need a new president”

“We need a new president” – André on the situation of two salary arrears

Backstage with Thiago Neves

Thiago Neves and André were roommates in Sport. We will assume leadership roles in Ilha do Retiro and – in the vision of the center – we will end up suffering the consequences.

On September 14, Thiago Neves responded to crooked criticism on social networks about the tumultuous environment after defeat for the International. He says that I’m going to buy trinkets, physiotherapy equipment and fruit. Either I was successful in leaving Sport six days ago or I was unsuccessful. And André followed the same path two weeks later.

– The big problem is that people wanted to make a club with a different mentality than what people were wanting to matter. And there is conflict. I ended up wearing out. I still managed to make sure or Thiago more than a month. Because it depended on him… When I started to say that people were raising panelinha, it was a boom for me. Because that’s where a lot of character comes in.

Thiago Neves deixa o Sport após passagem de alto e baixos

Thiago Neves deixa o Sport após passagem de alto e baixos

André tornou’s departure will be published on October 1st. At that time, Sport had confirmed or erroneous in the registrations of the last four contracted reinforcements and was investigating a suspicion of irregular escalation by defender Pedro Henrique. He was at risk of losing 17 points in Series A, in an action later archived by STJD.

“I read that you had a meeting with people who didn’t know if the coach continued or not. Everyone was very discouraged, because if people were lost, the points were practically lowered. He wanted to go home. He was affecting me, so I wanted to rest.”

Andre em treino pelo Sport — Photo: Anderson Stevens / Sport Club do Recife

André deixou o Sport with two goals scored in 20 games. He says that the racks trap them, but he recognizes his own performance.

– I didn’t manage to perform in the best way. Acho that does not give to escape from responsibility. Joguei achieved 60% of the championship. So I have to include sim.

Three months after André’s departure, the team ended up being downgraded to Série B do Brasileiro. Destination built a few years ago on Ilha do Retiro and that the club seeks to move in 2022.

– It was complicated for people there I sell everything isso. O re-elected president, depois pede to leave and here we see the new president. Depois moves all to diretoria de novo. People also have a plot of guilt because we played, more than it was a mixed bag. This new directory is very serious. It will take me better. Eu fico na torcida for the club to be in the first division, to be where it deserves.

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