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Arcade Sports, or game of augmented reality in the cinemas of Porto and Lisbon

There is a new augmented reality game on the doorstep of two cinemas in Porto and Lisbon. Arcade Sports is a creation of the Portuguese startup OnTop and combines fun with various awards.

A small Arcade Sports arena is found in the Vasco da Gama cinemas in Lisbon and in Parque Nascente in Rio Tinto. Any person who passes local hair can play, just install the application available in the App Store and Google Play by going to the non-local QR code.

In the application, all players will find 1 ticket available, which is scanned at the entrance of the arena. The remaining tickets must be purchased with real money. Prices vary from €0.99 for one ticket to €19.99 for 25 tickets.

How to play Arcade Sports?

It’s a completely social game, you can’t play sozinho. At least 4 players can play simultaneously, more or less it’s always 2 players — you can play with friends or strangers you find not local.

Although you need to have a non-telemobile application installed, you play with another mobile phone provided at the input (or game is only optimized for a specific Samsung model). The application is used for more than presenting the tickets, point tables, calories burned, videos of the best games, missões, and more.

For now, there are only two games available, which are Morgana and Tiki King, but in the application it is possible to see that there are more than three on the way. We control you and playability if you perceive, you have to bet or telemóvel to bet for the corresponding targets with your color (green or vermelhos) and divert two projects.

No jogo da Morgana you have to fight against a feiticeira that launches feitiços das mãos. The Tiki King is a rhodopiant totem, more difficult than Morgana, who throws bombs and circular energy feixes. Either my friend is always in the center of the arena, or it allows the players to walk there and run again.

For what is outside to see, it must be funny and confusing. The players are going to run in circles and be crazy to avoid projecting that there are only two telemóveis and no televisão founded in the arena. In my experience, it was more fun than I thought. The games are simple, but they are well thought out.

The mechanics to recover life is settled in cooperation. When the three hearts that you have run out, you have to go run to beira doro player and find your telemóveis to recover life and continue to play.

What are the prizes?

There are several prizes, more or more exciting and the annual pass of pipocas for the NOS cinemas. To get this award you have to collect all the trophies. There is a trophy for each phase of the game, since each one has five different phases. Overcoming phases 4 and 5 is difficult, because the time is limited, so you have to be fast.

The other prizes are acquired with the coins that you appear to play. For 22 coins, you have an M&Ms topping offer for as pipocas, and for 44 coins you have a direct upgrade for medium pipocas. There are more prizes, namely gift cards of 10, 15, 20 and 25 euros, and a NOS Kids Cool Kit. You just have to collect enough coins.

Arcade Sports will have more than 3000 players

Nuno Folhedela, or creator of Arcade Sports, tells us that more than 3000 players will experience Arcade Sports. For the future, or the plan to expand to more cinemas, but there are still no concrete dates. Equipa is also open to more collaborations, in addition to its current partnership with NOS. One of the possibilities is to create thematic games based on films that are ready to premiere.

I know by chance that you pass the hair of two cinemas where Arcade Sports is available — again, not shopping Vasco da Gama in Lisbon and Parque Nascente in Rio Tinto, it is worth experiencing. The first game is free and it is still possible to obtain a second free ticket through the WTF rate.

At the end of each game a photograph is captured, which will be sent to the email associated with your account.

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