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Benfica Club Partnership Coimbra Sports

Sport Lisboa and Benfica entered into a technical partnership agreement with the Brazilian club Coimbra Sports, not within the scope of the Benfica Schools internationalization project. This league will have an initial duration of seven years, with the permanent presence of three coaches from the Clube in Belo Horizonte.

In the realization of the partnership, the next steps and the objectives in the Brazilian territory: identify and recruit talent nationwide, implement the Benfica training methodology in the various aspects that make up Benfica’s players and that support the long-term development model, promote or develop players from two levels U-15 to U-20, find the best opportunities to promote two developed talents and expand to Benfica brand.

In Brazil, in the preparation work for the new season, there are Benfica coaches Alfredo Almeida (coordinator) and Marco Almeida (trainer), who will join a third element at the beginning of 2022.

Present I do not know that it was made official in connection with Coimbra Sports, or President of Benfica, Rui Costa, explained or objective gives partnership. “Vai ao found do que é o nosso international projeto, com partnerships in various countries and with clubs where we have talent. This case is the opening of an important portal in Brazil, a country where there is a lot of talent. Benfica is interested in advancing in this international area for areas where you can be more talented”, salientou, à BTV.

“We are very happy and proud that clubs, mainly from Brazil, seek us out for knowledge or work that we develop in Formação. Or that we are going to do it auxiliary or growth of the formation of Coimbra Sportsbe aware of talent, develop it and to be able to take advantage of some of this talent in the future in our club. Nem semper isso é viável, but, opening these doors, with certainty that we will always be more ready to receive talent. In these countries we have to invest in terms of partnerships and place our technicians who will be working at Benfica Campus”, detailhou o President Rui Costa.

Ricardo Anne Guimaraespresident of Coimbra Sports, represented the Canarinho club, did not formally find the Estádio da Luz and praised the organization and methodology developed by Benfica.

“At the opportunity of having a partnership like Benfica, for us, is very important and relevant. It is a club with worldwide expression and with success in the management of professional football. and also It is a club that invests, and well, in the training of young talents to prepare for soccer. EITHER Benfica has a unique methodology, which differs. We have access to this methodology and it is useful, mainly to be used in Brazil, a country recognized as a nursery of talents,” he praised.

Benfica and Coimbra Sports (Brazil) signed a long-term technical partnership agreement

Training young soccer players for success in the future is one of the two objectives of the Brazilian emblem – which places at the disposal of the Flávio Pentagna Guimarães Training Center, in the State of Minas Gerais –, but not the only one…

“We don’t just train players, more, sim, athletes and homens. We see them happen, to play, to shine and, who knows, to wear the shirt of Benfica, or other big clubs, that’s our goal. We want to train many players for the future“, predictor or leader.

On the 7th of December I come with a visit to Benfica Campus, where the delegations of two clubs were received by director Pedro Mil-Homens. The formal signing ceremony of the partnership agreement, at the Estádio da Luz, where, along with two presidents of Benfica and Coimbra Sports, Manuel Brito (vice-president of Benfica), Simão Sabrosa and Miguel Reis (for Benfica Internacional) were present. and Davide Gomes and Fernando Pinto (from the Formação department). O Coimbra Sports fez-will also be represented by Hyssa Moisses, Diego Alves Amaral and Pedro Torrinhas.