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Billie Eilish and the summer mamma awarded an EMA for the impegno parrot to sustain the environment

Per Billie Eilish and her mother the EMA Missions in Music Award for the impetus for ecological awareness

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important recognition for billie eilish e per sua madre at the next EMA Awards Gala. Per le due donne, who have always been impegnated in first line in favor of the environment, the Environmental Media Association has planned. L’EMA Missions in Music Award You will see a copy next 8 October during the event, one of the first days of the year. The news is exclusive data hollywoodreporter, who also refers to the motivations that have sprung up the tour to confer the award to the singer on her mother Maggie Baird. For the day, he deserves the recognition “for the incredible parrot I work as a model of behavior with sustainable care”.

Environmentalism second to Billie Eilish and her mother


Billie Eilish publishes a surprise i nuovi brani “TV” and “THE 30TH”

The motivation for the wealth is also based on, and soprattutto, sulle scelte fatte da Billie Eilish and her mother, who works with Lei, in her performance of the singer’s tour. L’Happier Than Ever, The World Tour It is the project that vede impegnata Billie Eilish in the last settimane and own for a question of sustainability and awareness of the new generation, all’interno degli spazi dell’Happier Than Ever, The World Tour è stata allestita an “Overheated” zone. If you are dealing with a space in which you are not planning activities, focus on the climate, with the change of accommodation, documentaries and discorsi sul veganism. It is the secret way of Billie Eilish and of her mother, who is unaware of her organization, to communicate and raise awareness of her question related to sustainable fashion and encourage and encourage her to participate in the discussion and discussion of her sustainability in general. Part of the project is the association Support + Feed, which faces the problem of food sustainability and the climate crisis with plant-based food.

The disdain of Billie Eilish and her mother


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“I’m enthusiastic about winning the EMA Missions in Music Award that I’m joining my figlia”, he told hollywoodreporter Maggie Baird. Lei, who is always an activist on environmental issues, if he is proud of his image of her: ”I am proud that Billie used her voice to inspire a public for God and support the change. It’s a dream that Billie and I share the stessa passione nell’affrontare la climate crisis. Siamo più forti insieme e so that it will continue to have a huge impact on its questa terra for the next generation”.


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