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Bugs Life, sustainable pet food

Bugs Life is a startup that brings soldered fly larvae to produce highly proteic farine for animal feed. An example of an ethical and sustainable circular economy, with a low environmental impact and low consumption of water and soil

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( – “The circular economy is the future of agriculture”, read on the site of Bug’s Lifea company that produces farine da larva in economy circulare per l’alimentazione proteica animale.

L’idea di due startupper umbri

The idea of ​​allevare soldier fly larva (Hermetia illucens) da sottoprodotti agricoli e agroindustriali e convert it in alimenti proteici per gli animali è venuta a due ragazzi umbri che si sono specializzati all’Università di Wageningen (Olanda): Caterina Luppa – who is president for l’Umbria di Angathe association of the giovani printers of confagricoltura – and Giacomo Zinibetween the expertise of biological agriculture and food biotechnology.

Bugs Life, the innovative startup parrot, is based in Bevagna, in the province of Perugia. Tutto è partito al rientro dall’Olanda.

In a first moment they have supported the family of Caterina, who has allowed the parrot to join her shop, the Società Agricola Iraci Borgia that produces biogas from agricultural residues.

Il Protein content of animal farine is greater than 60%: The target of Bugs Life is the pet food market that is sensitive to environmental sustainability and attentive to the circular economy.

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sustainable pet food

Muchte aziende preparano i mangimi destined agli animali partando da prodotti destined for human consumption. The idea of ​​Bugs Life is point out the circular economy and have a strong environmental impact by reducing water and soil consumption.

L’uppa e Zeni’s innovation lies in the recovery and successive reuse of the heat dispersed from the biogas plant, with relative reduction in cost.

I sottoprodotti organici della filiera feede servono a nurturing the larvae of the soldato fly, in a circular process that goes from the agricultural farm to the finite product.

Il loro brevetto sfrutta i principi dell’agricoltura verticale con riduzione degli spazi e optimizzazione della movimentazione della biomassa grazie a macchinari di facile utilizazzo.

Did I catch the soldier fly?

Ma perché own the soldier fly? AND extremely sicura da allevare: non punge, non mangia i raccolti nei campi, non trasmette malattie né alle persone né agli animali. There is a very short life cycle and a high production rate.

Gives an agricultural practice svolta correctly if they have not sottoprodotti di valore: the bioconversion with the raising of insects allow a I recover efficiently di queste risorsesenza sprechi e senza generate rifiuti.

Bugs Life met ethical agreement and love for animals

The project is interesting perché l’Italy and l’Europe import about 30% of mangimi proteici: a dipendenza that makes it extremely vulnerable.

We keep any number: in Italy it is 14 million for cani and gatti, 30 million for fish, 13 million for uccelli, 13 million for piccoli mammals and rettili.

The pet food market is obviously on the rise, with pure attention to its quality.

Bugs Life met ethical agreement and love for animals. Ci sembra inpensabile nutrirli riadattando prodotti per il human consumption while ogni giorno milioni di persone in the world do not have access to healthy and nutritious food.

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