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CONTINUE with headquarters in Cascais and support from Câmara for Sports Integrity Week

FI heard precisely at the new house of the European delegation of SIGA, at Casa de Santa Maria, together with Marina de Cascais, that Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, who will complete 100 days since being re-elected as Global CEO of SIGA, and Carlos Carreiras, president of the Câmara Municipality of Cascais, assinaram or protocol, which also aims to support Sports Integrity Week, scheduled for NOVA SBE, in Carcavelos, between September 12 and 16.

“A SIGA is a world organization, unique, leading the space of integrity, not sporting and, just as Cascais has the courage to tear horizons, assume challenges and prove that it is possible, in so many spaces and investment bets that I have to make, nós também o fizemos”, cameçou to highlight Macedo de Medeiros.

Lembracing that SIGA arose “from a spontaneous generation, moved only by an ideal and a conviction”, the Portuguese leader defended: “If we all unite, put ourselves into action, in concert with our efforts, knowledge and good will, we could restore reputation to a sector that is going through a crisis of reputation without precedent.”

“This crisis still does not pass. As we saw this week, in this country, we have tragic and sad episodes of violence that stain the purity of the sport and the values ​​that the sport contains”, frisou or CEO, guaranteeing that “SIGA also exists to ensure Those who truly live, feel, love or sport that it is possible to accredit us men and women who serve the institutions of sport and are capable of placing themselves at the highest standards of integrity and good governance.”

In addition to thanking all of you who accompanied me, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros says he still does not face the 100 days of his re-election “as a triumph, but with a renewed sense of responsibility, because there is much to do and it is not easy.”

Among the various partners of SIGA is the Municipal Chamber of Cascais, which not only granted Casa de Santa Maria as the official headquarters of the European organization, as a manifesto or support for the third edition of ‘Sports Integrity Week’, an event that aims to debate two most pressing issues of world sport.

“Because of this partnership between Cascais and SIGA, it is not just because of friendship and mutual recognition between myself and Emanuel [Macedo de Medeiros], and because we partilhas here what I credit to be the pillars that give future sustainability to our own relationships. We share values, we share wishes and these are values ​​and wishes that, together, we try to develop”, explained Carlos Carreiras.

The governor stressed that the municipality of Cascais is FOLLOWING “partilham a vision of the world in which, wanting in life as I do not deport, honesty beats batota, truth beats lies, or cavalry beats or is worth everything and in which hope bat or fear. We live in a world with a vertigem hair that is modern and new, but these values ​​are timeless.”

“We want that as FOLLOWS installed here, in Cascais, be a bluff for the sport. The international alliance that Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros managed to celebrate gives this guarantee of carrying our word and message longer still,” Carlos Carreiras concluded.

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