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E-sports is not (more) jumpy

Não deu para o Flamengo, mas deu para o Corinthians. O time paulista venceu o Mundial de 2019. From FreeFire. A modality is part of the universe of two e-sports (or electronic sports). Before saying that videogame does not count, it is worth being ammunition of dice. No Brazil, there are two gamers for each soccer player. And besides more numerous, this universe is also young. The people who accompany soccer in the Country 24% time from 10 to 20 years. Among those who frequently attend an e-sports tournament, the percentage practically doubles: 43% in the same age group, according to the 2018 Global Esports Market Report, from Newzoo. Globally, the market moved US$1.1 billion in 2019 and should approach US$1.5 billion this year.

One of the two predominant factors in the championships is the audience, which manages many times to reach numbers that traditional sports do not achieve. In 2019, not all over the world, or the number of viewers of electronic games championships was 453.8 million, a growth of 16.3% in one year. In 2018, just at the end of League of Legends (more known by LoL) I had 99.6 million people attending. The five-hour decision of the Fortnite World Cup, not last year, achieved an average of 90 thousand viewers per minute in the United States, second to StreamMetrics – or champion, or American teenager Kyle Giersdorf, 16, whose gamer name is Bugha, ganhou US$ 3 milhões per conquest.

In Brazil, there was a growth of 20% in audience last year, with 21.2 million viewers (9.1 million two enthusiastic fans, who attend less than one game per month, and 12 million occasional viewers). It is the third largest audience in the world, just behind China and two United States. Specialized vehicles in conventional sports coverage do not deixaram passar sem perceber. The Brazilian site of ESPN, for example, has five main sections – Soccer, NFL, NBA, MMA and… e-sports. O Globo Esporte also stands out in its list of publishers or e-sports, along with Formula 1, and UOL tem within its games channel or space for e-sports.

A Globo, alias, leads partnerships to have exclusivity in this universe, except for two main products. One of the strategic brands is the French Ubisoft, 20 years ago in Brazil, donated the Just Dance and Rainbow Six Siege franchises. Or agreement involves the transmission of events, with exclusivity, to product licensing. Leading the initiative is the director of Novos Negócios de Esporte do Grupo Globo, whose head is Leandro Valentim.

Bertrand Chaverot, who commands Ubisoft in Latin America, says that the partnership represents a trend in the entertainment industry, in which the brands come together to offer new formats to the public. At the company headquarters, in the São Paulo neighborhood of Vila Olímpia, 80% of the 50 employees are dedicated to the production of content to supply the headquarters of the e-sports audience with information about the games, the championships and the main athletes.

Márcio Canosa is director of e-sports at Ubisoft for Latin America and responsible for the creation of the e-sports department, in 2015, with the launch of Rainbow Six Siege. Regarding the partnership with Globo, he says that the company wants to expand this market for TV, making a series of developments that help the market. “We offer the content and them, to experience in conversing with the large public.” For him, in recent years the market “entered a phase of professionalization”.

E or Brazil, potential hair of audience, can hit carona. Since it overcomes the lack of infrastructure and bureaucracy that makes it difficult to hold championships in the country. “In the absence of arenas, recording and transmission studies, as well as the lack of qualified professionals, it is difficult to carry out and produce two championships. There are opportunities that will lead to the generation of businesses and specialized new professionals”, he says. A decisive step must be the Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege Championship, which will have all the shoots open to the public and with direct live broadcast from On e-Stadium, the largest e-sports complex in Latin America, in São Paulo. Or space with a 60 square meter screen, cabins and up to 600 people.

Another player who has great interest in the national market is the American Riot Games, responsible for the two major leagues in the country: the CBLOL (Brazilian League of Legends Championship) and the Challenging Circuit (CBLOL Access Tournament). The company has an estimated 100 million active gamers in the world, 85% between 16 and 30 years old. Riot is practically synonymous with LoL (League of Legends), which has championships broadcast on various platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch (live streaming service) and Cabo TV by SporTV. At the end of 2019 CBLOL had a record audience, with a peak of 316 thousand simultaneous viewers, joining the Twitch and YouTube platforms, a growth of 40%, compared to 210 thousand simultaneous viewers at the end of 2018.

ACEITAÇÃO About R$ 480 thousand are distributed annually in two company championships. According to Carlos Antunes, director of e-sports at Riot in Brazil, the market reaches here or the level we have outside the country. When Riot visited Brazil, the greatest difficulty was showing for traditional media and for sponsors that the segment was consistent. “But now there is no such problem, with oil from brands like Gillette and Red Bull, which are also big sponsors of traditional sports.” The current goal is to get more and more people than ever to play LoL to attend the tournaments. A company that has partnered with Globosat since 2016, and CBLOL has been shown every Saturday, since 2017, on the SporTV 2 channel.

Everything is frisson at the top of e-sports in the country with an explanation also burdened by the habits of two Brazilians. In other words, people tan a jogatina. According to the 20th Global Research on Entertainment and Media Brazil, by PwC Brazil, three factors are transforming this game market: consumer empowerment, business convergence and change in consumer habits. A further investigation of the history and projections for the coming years of the market and identified that the consumer of games is increasingly creating its own unique world of media with the help of various connected devices. You can bet. This market is only going to grow.

The three greatest of the world

Team Liquid, Team SoloMid and Cloud9 are like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool do e-sports. Ou seja, we are the largest teams in the world with the highest market values, which possess the most players and with the main titles in their baggage.

Liquid Current national champion of Rainbow Six Siege, Team Liquid is a Dutch organization that has teams in various forms of electronic sports. Liquid is, according to Forbes, the third most valuable e-sports team in the world, with an estimated value of US$320 million.

The national manager of Team Liquid in Brazil, Rafael Queiroz, explains that apart from the finances of time, it is the same as a traditional company. “Our recipes are for sponsorships, awards, transmission rights, among others. All or added value is allocated for the growth of the brand”.

He says that for some time e-sports works like any other company. “In the management area we have the same type of structure that is found in the conventional market, so in the athletic part we have a specialized workforce that needs to be linked to the e-sports scene and, in particular, how or play like or which he is going to work.”

SoloMid Dedicated to the League of Legends scene, Team SoloMid (TSM) is a North American organization that, together with Cloud9, is the most valuable e-sports team in the world, with an estimated value of US$400 million. An organization born in 2009, considered one of the pioneers in electronic sports.

With 39 players, divided into seven teams of different modalities, TSM was consolidated in the world of two electronic games as the biggest winner of the North American League of LoL.

Cloud9 Founded in 2013, in the United States, Cloud9 heads, alongside Solomid, the list of the largest e-sports teams in the world. With a value valued at US$ 400 thousand, the company is given by any lover two electronic games and is a reference of success in the 11 modalities that it disputes. For dragging millhões de fãs e torcedores, to equipment with its own clothing brand, in partnership with Puma.

Everyone is born in Stanford

As the pompous name of the Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics, Stanford held, in 1972, the first e-sports tournament in history. The winner won an assignment in Rolling Stone magazine. The first global event emerged eight years later, or Space Invaders, from Atari. More of the segment was exploited in the same year 2000. In 2011 it was launched on Twitch, a pioneer in transmissions of electronic games, promoting the award of the sector. Dota2, paid out US$ 24 million in prizes, remember that it became the current era framework.

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