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EA Sports reveals FIFA 23 release date, trailer and new mechanics

EA Sports revealed this fourth-fair or FIFA 23 announcement trailer, or the most recent title of its biggest game franchise, along with release data, game mechanics news and a free update, such as new online modes and players the Qatar World Cup and the Women’s World Cup.

The announcement trailer focused, besides two great cracks – Mbappé and Sam Kerr, layers of Fifa, Vinicius Junior, Van Dijk and Haaland -, non-realism of the new mechanics of “HyperMotion2”, evolution of the Engine, developed for the last game. Second to EA, they captured more than 6,000 animations of “real life soccer”, which provide “realism to each game of Fifa 23”, affirmed the developer.

For this game, there will also be the beginning of shots and splits, approaching reality. Called “High risk, high reward”, the ending system should be an evolution implemented for the first time in Fifa 19, with the introduction of a “timed shot”, not which player would have to hit or the button would not have the right time.

Além disso, or trailer trouxe um gostinho das mecânicas novas in fouls, penalties and escanteios, that levarão em consideração a angulação, a force e distância two shots for the goal. Além disso, or “expected goal”, a statistic implemented in Fifa 22, will be present in foul calls – which takes into consideration the quality of the hitter, the goalkeeper and the distance from the goal.


As content updates, or Fifa 23 will bring the players to the Copa do Mundo do Catar and the Copa do Mundo Feminina in 2023, which will be played in Australia. Still no details have been revealed, but it is expected that the update will bring news for the Ultimate Team, online game mode, new players and new modes for the offline game, as well as the way to conquer the title. Not Fifa 18, EA had already released a free update, in the same molds, for the Russian World Cup.

For the online modes, player against player, EA will definitively implement, from this edition, or “crossplay”, which is the possibility for users of different consoles to be able to play and compete together, without limiting two systems. As of now, it had been tested no 22, so from Fifa 23 new modes will be available, such as the draft, seasons and online friendlies.

Without going into details, EA made a calendar available for the next two announcements. Not on August 1st, on or in career mode; Pro Clubs e Volta – street soccer mode -, August 8; e Ultimate Team no day 11.

Além disso, for the first time or Fifa will have women’s soccer clubs. The novelty was already anticipated since the announcement of Sam Kerr as a game player, but now it was made official by EA Sports. Not Fifa 16, it was the first edition in which women’s soccer was placed in the franchise and, at the age of 22, I was only present with the selections. Either Chelsea, the Australian club, or Manchester City are some two already confirmed.

Another resource that was perceived in the trailer is the possibility of placing a detained player on the barrier. Or resource, which became more used in modern soccer, prevents the collectors from shooting the ball rasteira nas cobranças de fault.


This year’s edition will feature Kylian Mbappé at the helm of the global edition of the game, for the third year in a row. For Australia, Nova Zelândia and as an Amazon world exclusive, Sam Kerr, a player from Chelsea, was chosen as the first woman in the history of the franchise. In the Ultimate Edition, both athletes are present and have a great highlight in the world reveal trailer.

The game will be released on September 30 for all users, but from the 27th, EA Play starters and those who will buy the Ultimate Edition will be able to have early access to Fifa 23. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia.

This will be the last game of the virtual soccer franchise of EA Sports with the name of “Fifa”, apos or break between the developer and the maximum entity of the sport. As of July 2023, the next entries will be named after EA Sports FC.