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Enit to Imex portal l’Italy of business travel

L’Italy è a Imex In Francoforte it closes on June 2, where the Italy stand of Mitur and Enit will promote Penisola, in synergy with the Italian region and international buyers in a shared strategic network. Quest’anno è foreseen a corsa dal value symbolic, the Imex Runthat combines all the great international buyers per 5 chilometri of metaphorical “ripartenza” with le magliette brandizzate

bt promotion

Il business travel è a crucial sector of Italian tourism and in strong expansion However, the arrest warrant also gives the impossibility of planning for a long period, which is one of the characteristics of Mice based on its anticipated planning. Enit has increased the budget quota destined there promotion of this settore that in 2019 had 13,254 meetings in the world, with Italy in fifth place with 218 thousand business travel, surpassing Canada in that stessa position in 2018.

I trend vedono ancora September, october and june bring i mesi più gettonati per organizzare gli incontri, between December, Gennaio and Febbraio i less popolari. Medical science (17%), technology (15%) and science (13%) were the main topics of the international meeting.

Italy in sixth position

Saving agli altri Paesi, gli Stati Uniti with 934 meeting if I confirm al primo posto nella classifica dei 10 Paesi who have attended the largest number of congresses in 2019 and Rimangono left the first post also in the classification of the Congress by number of participants, with 357 thousand delegates attending in 2019. Slang rhyme at the second post with 714 convegni, while the France if it carries in terza posizione, al posto della Spain, with 595 meetings. Il United Kingdom in fifth position and theItaly, with 550 congressi ospitati, remains in sesta (+5.4% as of 2018). second Cina, Giappone, Paesi Bassi and Portogallo.

How much to event number Mice in Italyexceeded quota 100 Rome (373 sedi, about 7.0% of the total), milan (272, il 5.0%) and Firenze (117, il 2.2%). There were around 1,727 Italian communities that had at least one structure for congresses and events: 56.7% had a single venue, 31.1% from 2 to 4, 8.0% from 5 to 9 and 4.2 % 10 sedi. There are 23 città with at least 20 sedi, almost 29.0% of the total. Milano is the city of preference all’ottavo posto nel 2019 e si unisce ad Amburgo, Praga, Pechino ed Atene. Around 53% of the conferences and events take place in the North, 25.3% in the Center, 13.6% in the South and 8.2% in the Isole.

Gli alberghi congressuali presenti sul rappresentano il territory 67.3% of the total revenue and hanno Hospital around 81.0% of events in 2019.

Ci saranno ancora gli eventi ibridi

second i European Convention Bureauimmediately after the pandemic if you will attend an anchor ad one prevalence of ibridi events with a local or national origin. Perdurano a series of elements of uncertainty that have had a strong impact on the settore. We think about the degree of accession of the participants to the future meeting face to face and there reduction of the budget of the organizations. second Strategic Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux of Europe the number of the event with livelli di spesa if manterranno commune less than 33% compared to that of 2019 with the participant number hey Dovrebbe will return to growth between 2024.

Tuttavia the substitution of the international events with those nationals, instigates a ridicule in the average permanence of the participants and of the spesa, if stima che the settore will find the strength of a time in 2026. “Il successo dei meeting face to face Dovrà essere basato in future sulla qualità dei contenuti e l’aporto que la destination può dare al raggiungimento degli obiettivi dell’evento, l’affiancamento di elementi virtuali, l’offerta de ‘effettiva experienza de networking, la sostenibilità. It is necessary to concentrate on the intellectual value of the destination that can be offered in conflict with public and private interaction. Experience of effective networking by the organizers will be fundamental for the success and return of the investment of the meeting in presence”, he di Enit, Roberta Garibaldi.

I fattori che interessano

“We analyze and give the availability of the performance with how much the determination of factors such as reputation, accessibility of the environment, environmental factors, climate, opportunities increases. extra conference, characteristics of the structure ricettive per qualità e standard di sicurezza e come ci si orienti also its strutture con meno camare con un’hospitalità più familiare – sustains il President Enit, Giorgio Palmucci -. AND’ interest grows but strutture with aree sterne with flexibility of spaceattention there sustainability and all’enogastronomy and with advanced technological equipment”.

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