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Environment, welfare and community: the Balance of Sustainability of Q8

Riduzione delle emissioni, electrical appropriation with certified green energy, massive use of biofuels, smart solutions and services, promotion of a sustainable social culture. I have alcuni degli obiettivi raggiunti da Q8 reportati in the bilancio di sostenibilità referred all’fiscale chiuso to March 31, 2022.

A certified document issued by an independent auditor (according to the international standard Isae 3000 – International Standard on Assurance Engagements and with rendition in line to the Core standard) in which the company illustrates the activities and the initiatives carried out in the scope of the Esg theme (Environmental, Social, Governance). In the Environmental area, the business has continued to rise, with a percentage of 58%, its emissions calculated for its scope 1 and scope 2 according to the ‘market-based’ approach, thanks to the projects and investments carried out all the time, with the aim of minimizing its own environmental impact. If it is inoltre approvvigionata per oltre il 97% de elettricità prodotta da fonti rinnovabili e certificate. Always in the Environmental area, the report documents the use of sustainable biofuel, 260 million liters mixed in gasoline, 6.7% respecting the fossil component, in a regulatory context that does not consent to exceed the limit of 7%.

At the front of the solutions for smart and sustainable mobility, if we register the installation and the ambitious plans for the colony of electricity, which includes ultrafast (300 kW), if it is sold on the regular highway network.

Inoltre, Q8 has continued to invest in his own human capital. It has launched a ‘Total Wellbeing Program’, a personalized path with the double objective of promoting, giving a side to the well-being of the individual in an organic sense, valuing the dimension of his or her physical, relational, emotional and social plan, all ‘altro di soddisfare obiettivi di benessere organizational in ottica di sostenibilità sociale dell’azienda. Tra i pilatri fondamentali della politica di gestion delle risorse umane un ruolo essenziale è svolto dal rispetto delle par opportunità e nondiscriminazione nelle condizioni di lavoro. Q8 promotes, infatti, concrete initiatives to ensure professional growth, age volando conciliabilità tra vita privata e vita lavorativa, conferring un’attenzione particolare agli aspetti di tutela del diritto alla genitorialità per il quale sono guarantiti with the contracting of secondo livello congedi parentalo addizionali rispetto to quelli di legge. Ciò al fin di promote l’acquisizione di maggiore consapevolezza della genitorialita value also in labor environment.

Not alone. Q8, after the first aziende in Italy, has also produced a Tax Sustainability Report, applying an innovative model of organizational reading and of the sviluppo process: the Social Generativity. With the support of the research group of the Arc dell’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano center, sono stati splorati i modi in cui Q8 generates value not only for being stessa ma also per y suoi stakeholder e per la comunità in suo insieme. The Social Generation is a logic of personal and collective action that dictates all the capacity of the spouse, economic welfare and social development, personal growth and organization. Insomma, a new model of ‘sustainable and contributive’ sviluppo that assigns a wide rule and greater responsibility to all employees.

“I am really proud of the business, thanks to the precious contribution of your person, I have continued to operate and generate value, even during a very challenging year and always well completed – said Fadel Al Faraj, Q8 delegate administrator – We have been constantly orienting a series of new initiatives and activities towards sustainability and alternative fuel control, as well as electric and smart mobility”.