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Europe, Etc: “I prezzi stopped the ripresa of travel”

08 July


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If we attenuate your concern for the covid. Salgono quelle per l’inflation and the mancanza di personal. Nonostante i pericoli in prospective, il european tourism appear in ripress. The European Travel Commission (Etc) anticipates that the will to travel quest’estate prevails.

the last rapport quarterly “European Tourism Trends & Prospects” indicates that the ripresa raggiungerà il picco nell’alta estagione estiva del 2022, also thanks to the risparmi dei consumtori accumulati during the pandemic that dovrebbero sustain the demand of travel.

Etc It is expected that Europe will recover 70% of the demand for travel pre-Covid this year. As of 2022 ad oggi, Bulgaria (-8%), Serbia (-10%) and Turkey (-14%) have registered and registered for the arrival of tourists.

Also Monaco (-22%), Croatia (-30%), Iceland (-35%) and Slovenia (-37%) – the only destination to fornire i dati di maggio – Hanno showed a forte ripresa. All’altra estremità, the geographical vicinity of Latvia to Russia is slowing down the tourism rate of the Country compared to the pre-pandemic (-63%) following the mass cancellation of the hotel pre-notifications. Slovacchia e Repubblica Ceca sono tra el destinazioni dell’Europa orientale in calo de oltre il 50%.

«The restrictions related to Covid-19 were revoked and the person was anxious to recover due to the year of the opportunity to travel perse – comments Luis Araujo, president Etc – Stiamo assisting a very fast rimbalzo of how much if aspettassero him aziende of travel in Europe and the lack of personale potrebbe rivelarsi an obstacle to a complete ripresa. I will recover talent and render allettanti the carrier in the sector is the absolute priority for the growth of European tourism and not prossimi mesi. It is also fundamentally that the EU continues to monitor the impact of inflation on its cost of living: Europe must do something that is in its power to guarantee that travel is not inaccessible to the average European.”

SHORT AND MEDIUM RAGGIO. The elevated inflation will probably be the one to demand domestic tourism ea short raggio. “The basis of the increase in the traveler’s budget that will continue to sustain the growth, is increasingly prone to the increase in the cost of living due to the increase in the price of energy and food. Inoltre, the strong acceleration of the price of fuel will directly increase the price of travel, or more specifically of transportation”, says the Commission. The increase in the price could be the one who will prefer those options at low cost as well as the transportation method that is most convenient for those who live there. L’Etc foresees quindi a ripress of the European tourism guided by the short and medium raggio.

Gli arrivi dai mercati a lungo raggio sono ancora notably indietro, soprattutto dall’Asia, which has restrictions in corso legate to Covid-19. Sebbene il sentiment negli Stati Uniti sia più positive, the ripresa is stata più slow than expected.

MANCANZA DI PERSONALE. the lack of personal in tutta Europa rappresenta un’altra minaccia per la domanda di viaggi. Seen on the rimbalzo della demand più forte of the one foreseen in 2022, the ritardo nell’offerta de manodopera is creating a lack of personnel in the European travel and tourism sector. Molte destinations European potrebbero avere difficoltà a reggere l’high command quest’estate. The settore è seen as an’opportunità di lavoro instabile dopo il Covid.

The lack of staff in the hospital sector is scavalcata dalla rilevanza mediatica della mancanza di lavoratori nel settore dell’aviazione: around 190,000 lavoratori dell’aviazione Europea were licensed during the pandemic. Not long ago, the airline company and the airport have reacted with the recruitment initiative, and it is unlikely that the authorities will respond to this summer station at Punta. The impact if it is fatto già will feel: according to the report, during the first weekend of Giugno, and Paesi Bassi have not registered the rate of cancellation fine at 11% and fine at 4% in the United Kingdom. gli airport They are reducing the number of flights to mitigate the chaos of the journey but they are continuing in this state, poiché diversi vettori aerei sciooperano e cancellano i voli per carenza di manodopera.