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Facebook has altri problemi with i Trending Topics

Friday August 26th Facebook has announced that its section is dedicated to all the popular news, that if it chiama “Trending Topics” is available only in some countries of the world (not in Italy), sarebbe stata gestita semper di più gives an algorithm once that gives a squadra di giornalisti, come succedeva in precedenza. On the day immediately following the announcement, the algorithm has become fatto dei guai: it has selected false notification and has not chosen any of the qualità piuttosto scadente, attracting criticism and perplexity.

The “Trending Topics” section is every month one of the main free captions on Facebook: it was introduced on Facebook in the Gennaio 2014 and is available only in English and only in some countries. It consists of a cast of news presented as that più discusse in rete, and accompanied by a riassunto di tre righe and an image or a video. For all the news of the Trending section, Facebook selects a post, sometimes from a news site. For the first year, the section was created by a group of “news curators”, giornalisti assunti da Facebook per selezionare le notizie e riassumerle nelle tre righe di descrizione. Recently Facebook has licensed 18 people who worked for the Trending section, who have written Quartz, for fully automated rendering of the news selection. second Quartz I am only rimasti alcuni ingeggneri che controllano che le notizie che finiscono nella sezione siano effettivos rilevanti.

On the first weekend, the algorithm gestured, in the Trending section there was a video of a dog that owns the boss for many years – not really news – coming from a viral video site that in the title says anything like “dovete watch this video”. To peggiorare he sews, the scelto title of Facebook presented the video talking about Watch Dogs 2, a videogioco di prossima uscita. Monday once was a very serious thing: the news to the first post scelta dall’algoritmo guardava the journalist of Fox News Megyn Kelly, famous diventata in all the world the scorsa estate for aver fatto arrabbiare the Republican candidate to the presidency Donald Trump during a dibattito . Nella news, which comes from a site of chiamato libertarian orientation End the FedKelly was described as a “traditionalist” supported by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The article spoke of a false complaint from Fox News, which was stalking Kelly from the rete: the news was completely made up. She ciononostante she è rimasta in top alla sezione Trending per diverse ore.

Facebook has learned that the news her Kelly was diventata very popular through the right page, arriving at soddisfare and the necessary requirement to enter the Trending section. At which point a person who is not very knowledgeable about political news has decided to insert the post at the top of the section, I will finish any other if it is due to the error and the ridiculous. Justin Osofsky, vice president of operations at Facebook, has dismissed and criticized Facebook’s impegno to not dare space alle notizie false.

Lo scorso maggio il sito Gizmodo aveva pubblicato una serie di articoli, che no stati molto ripresi, che avevano rivelato che le conditions di lavoro dei “news curator” wereo pessime e che – secondo le testimonianze di alcune persone che avevano lavorato alla sezione – le notizie coming from the fonti di destra venivano spesso censor yourself. Dagli articoli di Gizmodo It was emerso that ai “news curator” was granted great autonomy in the selection of the news included in the Trending section: potevano non essere semper le più discusse, ma also quelle che sembravano loro rilevanti. One of the few indications was privileged and half important and confirmed, given the CNN to the New York Times to the Washington Post.

Facebook aveva risposto denying tutte accuses him, ma aveva communicated that I decided to eliminate the best possible component of the Trending section. The official version of the company was that it was necessary to ridurre l’intervento dei giornalisti per rendere possibile l’espansione del servizio altri paesi, something that would be complicated by the language of Facebook.

Gli incidenti avvenuti nei tre giorni del novo system basato intermente sull’algoritmo, but, we have shown secondo diverti osservatori che il giudizio de a competent person in fatto di tizie e giornalismo was fundamentale. Soprattutto perché Facebook is one of the main sources of information for many people, and his piano in practice is on the internet, ossia offers agli utenti la possibilità di fare sul proprio sito la maggior parte delle cose che fanno su internet, da leggere notizie a I will talk with gli amici. Your site TheVerge Nick Satt has suggested that probably for Facebook the best solution is to completely remove the Trending section, which has caused enough of a problem. Oppure introduces a system that allows you to select the font that you want to receive, and select only through the post of that page.