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Food delivery, Just Eat inaugurates in Rome il primo hub d’Italia: 100 nuove assunzioni

Just Eatpart of Just Eat Takeaway.comannounces the opening of theHub of Rome, primo logistic pole of the food delivery market in Italy: an investment that follows the prisoner impegno with theassunzione di 6.000 rider in tutta Italy, with subordinate labor contract for an indeterminate time. L’Hub, about 500 square meters in the heart of Rome in Piazza Barberini areathere is a flotta di 120 Cooltra electric scooter, will operate with 200 dependent riders within the April goal, given the 100 new startups, and about 10 Impegati with mansioni di coordination delle attività relative to the corretto funzionamento della struttura, and will consent to increase in emissions of around 61,000kg/year of CO2eats pigs around 4,000 alberi in an urban context.

The operation of the logistics pole provides that the rider, at the beginning of the shift, if I grind all’Hub to remove the mezzo that will allow the effect to be achieved, using the personal equipment and individual protection devices of those who are not equipped. Alle aree dedicate to the patchwork and all the maintenance of veicoli, allo stoccaggio e alla pulizia degli zaini, si aggiunge la First camera di Ricarica in Italy per i 120 veicoli elettrici, model Askoll e S Pro 45+, category L1, forniti da Cooltra, fully designed and built in Italy. The Hub will also be a meeting and training meeting, with a sale meeting and a sale break, managed by a dedicated staff, with an ad hoc training, that coordinates the activities of the logistics pole and the information meeting and courier training.

L’Hub is an integral part of the implementation process of a new delivery model, which Just Eat It started on March 29, 2021, signing the union agreement with Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl e Uil Trasporti, the First collective contract per i rider in Europe that has allowed the assignment of more than 6,000 dependent couriers with a subordinate labor contract for an indeterminate time. Ai rider vengono guarantiti pieni diritti sindacali, l’applicazione di festività, lavoro straordinario, ferie, malattia, maternity/paternità, assicurative coverage and an economic and normative treatment that follows how much is regulated by the Ccnl. It is foreseen, however, the full and comprehensive application of all the regulations in the field of health and safety, including who visits the health and safety, the training on the safety of the specific basis (for a total of 12 hours of training) and the It consigns to title free of tutti and dpi foreseen by current regulations.

Guarantee maggiori tutele e directi ai lavoratori

“Il modello di assunzione dei courier if inserted in a global strategy of the group and is a scelta in which we will continue to invest. Questo percorso has trovato nella recente Rider Directive of the European Commissionsull’assunzione dei lavoratori delle piattaforme digitali, a further confirmation of the fact that we are impegno per guarantee maggiori tutele e directi ai lavoratori from the settore sia the strada giusta. We believe that the subordinate model is the only one capable of guaranteeing an ethical and responsible growth of the business and of the intero setore, tutelare i lavoratori, will contribute to the economic development of the country with the creation of posti di lavoro, and that all this time possa provide a value service for clients and ristoranti thanks to a migliore training, security and control of the quality of the entire process”, spiega Daniele Contini, Country Manager of Just Eat Italy. “Inoltre, thanks to a Made in Italy electric fleet of the latest generation, we supported the global impetus of Just Eat per one mobilità più green and the raggiungimento di emissioni zero per le nostre operation entro il 2030″.

Unified Communication: how will I increase Team Collaboration, ease of use and security

“With the Hub, the first of a series of logistics police that we open in the main city, we revolutionized the labor modality of the sector by providing mezzi aziendali ai nostri courier. This investment supports the diversity of objectives: I will respond to an express choice from the labor force, subsequently concretise our impegno for a always più green mobility and offer spazi di incontro, training and exchange for our dependent courier. The inauguration of the hub of Rome arrives on the occasion of the first completed the start of the implementation of the new model based on the assumption of the courier, announced in March of the year. Oggi abbiamo circa 6,000 courier assunti in 24 città italianethat I am the testimony of a most advantageous sfidante journey sia per i courier, that we are an integral part of our store, sia per i nostri clienti, che scegliendo il our servizio scelgono di affidarsi ad una società responsabile” afferma Davide Bertarini, Head of logistics at Just Eat Italy.

Oltre 26,000 ristoranti in tutta Italy

oggi Just Eat count otre 26,000 restaurants, with an annual growth of 25%, In 1,300 Italian communities, I understand 66% of the population, in a market answer, that of the food delivery, that if I confirmed the dynamic più dell’e-commerce, presenting 42% of the entire food share. The digital food delivery sector, infatti, in 2021 has registered a + 59% increase in the value of 1.5 milliards. From around 40 milliards generated by e-commerce, food & grocery accounts for 10% of the total, for a value of around 4 milliards, increasing to +38% in 2021.

All’interno di questo I share, the food is worth around 3.6 milliardi, of which 42% is represented by digital food delivery, 37% by grocery food and 21% by food-gastronomy. As of 2020, 100% of the province is covered by at least one food delivery initiative, with 68% of the population in 2021 having potential access to the digital food delivery service.

In Rome, it was around 4,500 i ristoranti partner. The pizza, rigorously margherita, is the preferred piatto in the Capitale. Nella top five troviamo also hamburger, cucina giapponese, cinese and italian, dove i piatti tipici, eat amatriciana and supplì di cacio e pepe, sono particolarmente apprezzati. Ma non solo tradizione: la città eternal guida also nuove tendenze di cucina. Rome si aggiudica, infatti, the podium of the Italian city più active in the food delivery of vegan cuisine, followed by Bologna and Milan. Insieme alla vegan kitchen, in crescita also tacos and burritos e poke.


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