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Married At First Sight’s Olivia Frazer slammed as ‘vile, nasty’

She was once a favorite among this season’s crop of contestants – but Olivia Frazer has since experienced a swift, brutal fall from grace.

A former Married At First Sight favorite is facing backlash from viewers over her “vile, nasty” behavior on the show this week.

To be fair, 28-year-old teaching student Olivia Frazer – who is matched with Jackson Lonie on the dating reality series – issued a warning about her behavior during an interview with producers, telling them: “People think I’m just a sweetheart but look, I can be b**chy. I can be awful at times.”

It seemed to be an accurate forecast, with the drama between herself and Domenica Calarco boiling over this week, resulting in the infamous smashed glass incident during girls’ night.

While it was Domenica who smashed the glass in a fit of rage, it’s Olivia who has copped the brunt of the backlash from viewers, with many calling her out for criticizing her co-star’s voice and tone.

“The reason that was so triggering for me was like, being told my whole childhood, my whole adolescence that my voice was ‘too loud’ and my voice ‘always had to be heard’. It was just so demeaning,” a sobbing Domenica later told “husband” Jack.

“It’s just how I am. Like that’s not attacking someone for what they said, it’s attacking someone for literally how they are.”

The fallout for Olivia intensified following Tuesday night’s episode, where Olivia recapped what had happened to the men, claiming Domenica had “stood over” her, “smashed her wine glass, and then waved the broken wine glass in my face while she stood over me and screamed”. She added that she’d used the glass “like a weapon”, “waving the broken stem… for a while”.

It was a shocking tale – and one that had been heavily embellished. Thanks to the nature of reality shows, viewers were able to fact check it for themselves and see that Domenica had instantly put down the broken glass… and many were deeply unimpressed by Olivia’s version of events.

Sitting at the table with the group – bar Domenica and Jack – Olivia dug the boot in further.

“It’s called a screw loose, that’s what that’s called,” she said of her fellow bride.

“Apparently she’s really not doing OK, but that’s kind of not my responsibility to care.”

Ella Ding, who’s been close with Domenica throughout the experiment, shot down Olivia’s story in a conversation with producers, displaying her frustration.

“Everyone knows that Domenica is fiery and she has this fierce energy in her, but there was no attempt to harm anyone. Olivia is making it out to look like that, and it’s just not the case,” she said.

When Olivia’s husband Jackson was given the other side of the story from Jack, he admitted he was disappointed in his partner.

“If she can’t get over that nasty side, I don’t know how I’m going to feel moving forward,” Jackson said.

While Olivia’s sudden shift from the show’s sweetheart to villain has come as a surprise to many fans, one person who saw it coming from a while back was Ella.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestylethe beautician said she noticed “something else” to Olivia besides her seemingly “lovely” demeanour.

“The first time I met Olivia at the hens night I did say [at] face value she is beautiful, she is lovely, she gives off this really caring nature, but there’s just something else to Olivia,” Ella, 27, said.

“There were moments throughout the experiment when I realized there is another side to this woman. I thought, ‘I’m unsure how different it is to what we see a lot of the time, but it’s definitely something else, and it’s only a matter of time until it’s shown.’”

Married At First Sightcontinues at 7.30pm tonight on Nine.