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Nintendo Switch Sports traces casual sports for the new generation

Switch Sports is the new sporting investment of Nintendo

Photo: Nintendo / Disclosure

Announced surprisingly not the first Nintendo Direct of 2022, Nintendo Switch Sports Volta traces one of the most popular franchises of the Japanese company, with a collection of collective sports to have fun casually with friends in local or online games.

EITHER game-on I participated in an online game test, with three available sports: tennis, bowling and chambara (sword fight), an experience that gives a good indication of what the new Nintendo sports game will be like.

The controls, which are key to the experience of the first Wii Sports, remain by movement, whose functionality is similar to Club and Resort, with precision and response equivalent to Wii Motion Plus. Despite the game recommending a calibration before the start of the game, no control problem was noticed, be it inaccuracy or some degree of delay. Nesse point the Joy-Cons showed their evolution in relation to the old Wiimote, once they do not require a sensor bar and will hardly be subject to any form of interference that could catch or play.

The online component rolled without problems, apart from some you remain in the first minutes of the testing schedule. Or tennis, and especially sword fighting, which requires immediate responses because it is a contact sport, we also play without solutions or stays. O bowling, for its time, proposes a tournament with eliminatory rounds, contrary to the familiar nature of two first franchise games, and implying that Nintendo Switch Sports will have a greater focus on various competitions, perhaps in regional and international modes. The Chambara evolved on purpose from its original version in Wii Sports Resort, adding two new weapons, a charged attack and new defensive maneuvers possible thanks to the precise gyroscopic two Joy-Cons.

Sword fight in Nintendo Switch Sports

Sword fight in Nintendo Switch Sports

Photo: Nintendo / Disclosure

Graphically, Nintendo Switch Sports makes a good job, with nice HD visuals and running (at least in the demonstration) at a constant 60 frames per second. Not two old Miis are new bonecos that in the final version could be fully customized and seem a little less cartunesque than their predecessors. Nintendo promises 7 sports modalities for the final version that will be released in April – there are also two six already present (bowling, chambara, soccer, tennis, volleyball and badminton), or golf will be added as free DLC, or that Nintendo Switch Sports will be added to Average position compared to previous games (5 modes of Wii Sports and 12 of Wii Sports Resort), although nothing prevents Nintendo from adding more modes in the future via DLCs and/or expansions.

Nintendo Reveals Upcoming Switch Releases; assist:

Herdeiro of a recent tradition

In a distant 2006, Nintendo promoted a silent revolution that moved into the seventh generation of consoles. I went to ponta de lança Wii Sports, a game that brings together 5 sports modalities played through motion controls, an unprecedented resource at então. It is true that the functionality did not exist before the Wii, it was present only experimentally or limited to thematic or eccentric accessories, such as interactive lights or fishing rods. Or control the Wiimote, for its time, place the motion sensor as the center of the gaming experience, precisely using the movements of the hands and arms to execute the actions proposed by each mode.

The result was a kind of “reset”, in which experienced players, accustomed to complicated combinations of buttons and directions, became equal to new players (called at the time as a pejorative “casual gamers”), who in turn embraced a new proposal de jogo e formaram incontáveis ​​queues to buy or Nintendo Wii. Wii Sports became “pop”, becoming a daily newspaper, the star of family reunions, parties and barbecues, and the same tool in physiotherapy clinics.

Three years later, in 2009, Nintendo launched a sequence Wii Sports Resort, and as the title suggests, at the same time adding the theme of colony of fairs to the present sports modalities. Also provides expansion for 12 sports, the great novelty of Wii Sports Resort was Wii Motion Plus, an accessory that once plugged into the standard Wiimote, increases its precision and amplitude of motion capture thanks to a gyroscope present in it. In this way, more subtle movements, such as turns, two pulses and curved movements, were better, doing as the experience of two sports was more represented. As well as its predecessor, Wii Sports Resort was one of two great successes of the Nintendo Wii.

Wii Sports Club was an attempted series on Wii U

Wii Sports Club was an attempted series on Wii U

Photo: Nintendo / Disclosure

In 2013, Nintendo launched Wii Sports Club for Wii U. Remake HD of the original Wii Sports, Wii Sports Club has as novelties only a timid online mode and some unnecessary Gamepad functionalities added to the current sports. Strangely, Nintendo opted to launch Wii Sports Club “tired”, in 5 unsuccessful downloads, in its online store, to only be able to make a traditional launch, a strategy that proved ineffective and only served to reduce the commercial scope of the game.

The franchise has now entered a recess period, without any mention of sequence by Nintendo, which for a long time was Wii U deu sinais that it would abandon motion controls. It caused great surprise when Nintendo Switch Sports was announced as the first Nintendo Direct of 2022, making it clear that Nintendo is unaware of one of its major recent events.

With legends and menus in Portuguese, Nintendo Switch Sports checks out on April 29.

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