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Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), the innovator in the global cruise travel sector with 55 years of distinguished history of primacy and success, has consigned its new ship, the Norwegian Prima, to Marghera, Venice, in consignment o celebrated the naval ship of Fincantieri. This was very busy at the arrival of the first ship of the First Class of NCL, which will see the arrival of the six-ninth ship by 2027. All the event was attended by Frank Del Rio, President and Chief Executive Officer Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd; Harry Sommer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line; Luigi Matarazzo, Direttore Generale della Divisione Navi Mercantili di Fincantieri, another important director of NCLH e Fincantieri. The celebration of the slogan is followed by the traditional ceremony to change the bandiere. Harry Sommer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line, said: “Oggi ushered in a new exciting era of crociere by celebrating the slogan of Norwegian Prima, the most attractive prima nave della nostra nuova straordinaria Classe Prima. It is a true and own testimony of our Guest First philosophy and of our impegno to offer indimenticabili experiments that surpass the aspettative. Ringraziamo and our meravigliosi partner of Fincantieri, who with the parrot’s artistic ability, competence and dedication have contributed to giving life to Norwegian Prima. We didn’t see the time to accommodate and welcome us on board.” With a length of 294 m, 142,500 tons over and a capacity of 3,100 people, the Norwegian Prima is planned to provide the first time. She is characterized by many spazi, gives an accurate and surprising design and gives a series of unpublished experiences for the brand and for the settore. She is the ship of the crocera più spaziosa secondo i criteri contemporanei and offers the greatest number of ponti all’open and system più ampie di qualsiasi other ship of new construction. Its variety of elevated experiences and gastronomic delights include the first food hall of the high livello all’aperto del marchio, Indulge Food Hall; the più grande e prima pista da corsa su tre livelli en mare sulla Prima Speedway e The Drop, el primo scivolo a secco a caduta libera del mundo que raggiunge un force G superiora quella de un’car da corsa di F1 in acceleration.Tra gli altri punti di force on board, l’Ocean Boulevard, which extends its tutto il ponte, for an area of ​​4,087 metri quadrati, allowing agli ospiti di connettersi con l’oceano e di godere di dine all’aperto e di experienze elevate . Gli ospiti potranno godere del massimo relax atraverso Infinity Beach, che vanta due splendide piscine a sfioro posizionate next to the livello dell’aqua per admire the vastità dell’oceano with a continuous view, e Oceanwalk, dove due ponti di vetro fanno gli gli ospiti come se stessero walking suspesi sull’acqua. An oasis for lovers of art, the Norwegian Prima Vantera The Concourse, the first sculpture garden all’open in the sea with six installations created by international metal artist Alexander Krivosheiw and an art wall projected by David Harber. Luigi Matarazzo, Director General of the Navi Mercantili Division of Fincantieri, said: “We are happy to work with Norwegian Cruise Line to create a worldwide shipping series, and we are proud to see the consegnata oggi la prima delle sei navi della Classe Prima. The Norwegian Prima is rich in the new world, with its main features and special attractions that I did not see as petterest in the sea. Reykjavik on August 27, 2022, with destination Amsterdam. The popstar Katy Perry, who will be the godmother of the Norwegian Prima, will bring to an end the long-standing maritime tradition, officially batting the ship, and if she will be present during the batting ceremony. From the otto giorni da Amsterdam e Copenaghen, offering agli ospiti l’opportunità di esplorare il Nord Europa e ei fiordi norvegesi. She will leave for Bermuda from October 10, 2022; Itinerary in the Caraibi from October 15, 2022 and travel in the Western Caraibi from December 11, 2022 to March 19, 2023, starting at Bermuda from March 28 to May 7, 2023. In a row, it will offer a cruise in North Europe from May 14 to September 17, 2023. For information on Norwegian Cruise Line shipping and its itinerary or to book a cruise, contact a travel agent or visit the site [../../sites/all/modules/civicrm/extern/url.php?u=8735&qid=3129269]