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Protecting the environment and biodiversity – Di Giuseppe Casagrande

The Veronese store Scarpato points to a production with a low environmental impact by adopting a million APIs and using only organic Italian sugar

At a time when the cost of prime material skyrocketed due to the war, but not only, the Veronese Artifact Company Scarpato srl, specializing in the production of high-end lievitati, sceglie, in dispute with the market, di puntare sulla più High selection and quality of ingredients through a productive path with low environmental impact. Inoltre, il 5 Giugno, on the occasion of the Giornata Mondiale dell’Ambiente, a million APIs will be added to the national territory by supporting the startup Beeing, impegnata nella tutela di questi preziosi custodian della biodiversità.

Scarpato srl, famous store in particular with the brand Pasticceria Scarpato and Antica Offelleria Verona, has made a journey that looks decisively at the reduction of environmental impact.
To testify to this, the production of green energy, with the energy self-sufficiency of the entire production process, thanks to the 1,300-square meter photovoltaic plant, as well as the cleaning of ingredients of high-quality biodiversity, from the sugar.
Le ricette artigianali della Pasticceria Scarpato, infatti, impiegano only Italian sugar from sustainable agriculture amico delle api, prodotto senza l’utilizzo di neonicotinoidi, insetticidi fortemente dannosi per la sopravvivenza degli insetti impollinatori perché capaci de alterne vitalità and the consequent number, mettendo a rischio the biodiversity of the piano.

One scelta che, dal 5 Giugno, Giornata Mondiale dell’Ambiente, grows with the adozione di 20 alveari, one per all regione d’Italy, for a total of oltre a milione de api, affiancando il programma «Bee The Change – Adotta “A Alveare” of the startup Beeing, born in Faenza in 2017, to which only certified biological beekeepers participate or who work for the second standard of biological and sustainable beekeeping with the objective of massifing the welfare of insects.

Le api, preziose custodi della biodiversità, e l’allarme pesticides
I am aware of the potent bioindicator, to the extent that it will be revealed and principally inquired about in the present and that I will identify the state of health of the environment.
According to the latest FAO report, 37% of the forest api, mellifere api and bombi were in peril due to pesticides, climate change and intensive agriculture.
Grazie all’adozione, Scarpato srl will guarantee the pollution of approximately 5 million dollars by also contributing to the compensation of CO₂ emissions in the environment.
Gli alveari potranno essere seguiti a distance with aggiornamenti sullo stato di salute delle api e il parrot impatto en natura by visiting the web page dedicated to all’adozione and in corso di realizzazione.

«Chi apprezza i nostri prodotti, cerca la qualità in tutti i suoi aspetti. Because of this, we know that every day we are facsimile of the will to testify to constant research on perfection – said Marco Ferrarese, administrator of Scarpato srl. – We always do our best fornitori ma, also, we make important efforts to guarantee the impiety of ingredients that are based on the respect of the environment.
«In our case we point to a quality without compromise: the honey is only that Italian grezzo, not under the termi treatment, because it keeps its owner intact.
«Allo stesso modo per lo zucchero italiano, selezionato in virtù della totale assenza di insetticidi.»

Pasticceria Scarpato, the ancient tradition of Veronese
With this partnership Scarpato srl is taking a further step forward in favor of biodiversity, concretely testifying to the idea that the Terra Plana, as said by the Giornata Mondiale dell’Ambiente 2022, is one and protect it by presenting a certainty and individual responsibility .
Pasticceria Scarpato is the brand of Scarpato srl that always produces, in Villa Bartolomea, in the province of Verona, high-end craftsmanship.
Ogni Creazione is born from the research and selection of the best ingredients, with a maniacal care for quality and care in the environment.
The result is unique product, that poggiano lero radici nell’antica dolciaria veronese tradition and if distinguished by the great sofficità, the avvolgente perfume and the morbid taste.

Giuseppe Casagrande –

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