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Review Mecool KD3: an’alternative to Chromecast with Google TV


mecool kd3 unboxing

Mecool KD3 offers a classic confezione con all’interno dongle, I dig micro USB/USB for power supply (just 5 Volt, 1 Ampere), one extend HDMIedil telecommandsenza le due to AAA battery necessary to feed it.

Allo stesso modo non c’è alcun dedicated feederma data la scarsa potenza richiesta dovreste dig it with the USB port eventually present on your television, or communicate with a qualsiasi vecchio caricabatterie di terze parti.


Mecool KD3 is equipped with the chip Amlogic S905Y4a quad-core Cortex A35 with GPU Mali-G21 MP2. Fargli around with 2 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and only 8 GB of eMMC. The connection is affidata to a module wifi ac and Bluetooth 5.0. The HDMI port is a 2.1 ed is supported by the CEC.

It is a configuration that I could define “classic”, and that widely supports all and different formats: 4K@60fps in H.265, VP9 ed AV1, ed at 30fps in H.264. Support also HDR10 ed HLG ma non Dolby Vision. The audio front is supported by Dolby Atmosthe hardware is adapted to enjoy it.

You criticism I am always there, in the scarso spazio di archiviazione, che col tempo si rivela inadeguato. Scarso also il quantitativo di RAM, ma in un’ottica purely di streaming può andare well, ma meglio no troppo da un’app altra jump, to avoid continui riavvii delle stesse.

Good time the software part: c’è Android 11 with di patch February 2022, quindi in quanto ad aggiornamenti of the operating system, per ora, non c’è nulla di cui lamentarsi. It’s easy to think that the long time the Google dongle will end, it could prevail, but now you don’t have to pay attention to what you’ve thought about from your home mother.


Mecool has not reinvented the road: it has carried out a remote control according to Google’s specificity, and it is good news. I am 4 days dedicated to the main streaming services, YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+, volume, position, mute, taste of Android TV, taste of directions, settings, Assistant (the microphone works fine, but there are no data problems) and also the selection of the source. C’è insomma tutto ciò che occorre per fare di questo telecomando il vostro single remote controlGiven that it is equipped with infrared to control other devices, and if it connects to the dongle via Bluetooth.

I taste I am a good compromise after clicks and silence, the weight is well balanced, and the dimensions are not proportional. It will not be made in precious materials (it’s all plastic) and the battery is due to feed it, it’s not included, but the rest are not sorry.

experience of use

Tre mesi fa abbiamo tried the Realme 4K Smart Google TV Stick, and the feeling of deja vu in the testare questa Mecool è stata piuttosto forte. I had a dongle practically if it was equivalent to the hardware profile, however the experience of use is really helpful.

High software also qui abbiamo Android TV 11, with patch from the following month to the Realme dongle, updated to February 2022, while Chromecast with Google TV is anchored to Android TV 10 with patch from October 2021; chissà perché!

The interface is that of Google TV, although it is fluid with the Mecool pennin, it is not at the same time as the other 2 quotes: a little bit of scattini and rapid movement on your home sound, but the content ripping is always on fluid. We spent a little bit surrounding the hair insomnia, also because the hardware inside is not certain of the “top of gamma”, I know if I can say.

On one occasion the app di Netflix, accomplice l’errata pressione rapid di varitasti sul telecomando, has esibito a synchronous fuori tra audio e video, solved with a riavvio dell’app, ma in casi come questi è semper difficile sapere contra chi I will go to point the dito. Say a little bit of RAM and storage, in 2022, potremmo also chiederli a questi dongleche da anni si trascinano with hardware always at the limit of what is necessary.

About Netflix, even if we were wrong, we would like to eat tutti and Google TV, also we would open it Netflix certification, quindi potrete godere dei content alla massima qualità. Inoltre, come tutti i Google TV, KD3 è also Chromecast, quindi potrete castare the app dal ur smartphone, supperendo così a qualche possibile mancanza dello store de Android TV.

It was eliminated but this polemiche a little generiche, ci troviamo di fronte ad una pennina che vi permetterà di usufruire di tutti i principali servizi di streaming (practically tutti, except Sky) and I said riprodurre fluently anche local content. manca il DolbyVisionche non è comunque supportato da tutti i televisioni, ed i controlli su audio e video sono ridotti all’osso (in practice potete abilitare or less theHDR nei content supportati, I will change it color space, e poco altro), ma queto also means semplicità d’uso. For a TV with data or communication software that is unable to stare passo with oggi streaming, no ci sono problemi.

Turning invece alle cose che ci hanno convinto di meno, c’è discover the quality of Wi-Fi: with router in this stanza is fine, but in our case purtroppo not è così (2 muri de separation e circa 10 m of distance in line d’aria), and while with the smartphone we riuscivamo a navigare senza problemi, il KD3 si scollegava Spesso dalla rete, costringendoci di fatto ad I will use the telephone as an access point.


On the official Mecool site, KD3 has a price of around 65€, at this time it is 60. Its Amazon price is 69 euro, which is the price of the Chromecast with Google TVche tra l’altro è ormai always at €59 da Unieuro.

Insomma, avrete già capito dove stiamo walking to stop: doveva will cost less; at least 20 euros less. Only 59 euros and we can talk, but I know that when there is a “official” product with which to compare, like that of Google, we cannot scale it if it is not with a much higher hardware (and this is not the case) or with a price più vantaggioso. Ed in tutto ciò non citiamo nemmeno le Fire TV Stick, che ogni 3 x2 sono ultra scontate.

Mecool KD3 photo

Your alcuni dei link inserted in this AndroidWorld page has an affiliation and has a percentage of wealth, such affiliation does not vary the price of the purchased product. Tutti i prodotti descritti potrebbero I will upload variations of the price and availability in the course of the time, although I have always found that I will verify these parameters first of all.

Giudizio Finale

Realme Mecool KD3

Mecool KD3 is a good solution for streaming: the Google TV interface is modern, functional, and the recent introduction of (true) multitasking is a touch that keeps him going. The hardware will start ad essere strettino per a device from 2022, and the price is for that of Chromecast with Google TV. In the absence of a good offer five times, it is difficult to get the solution from Mecool, for how much if he returned his impegno.


unboxing 7.5

Hardware 7

Telecommand 8

experience of use 7.5

Price 6.5

final vote

Realme Mecool KD3


  • Uno dei pochi with Google TV
  • Very good remote control
  • Per hour is aggiornatissimo
  • Streaming in 4K with extensive hardware support


  • High price troppo
  • Qualche scatto nell’interfaccia
  • Check your video/audio ridotti all’osso
  • Hardware data

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