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Samsung 4K TV review: A totally unmatched content viewing experience

The Samsung Crystal 4K TV is the perfect blend of mesmerizing display, captivating sound and a bouquet of smart features. It is available at an introductory price of just 35,990 with free one-year subscriptions for Amazon Prime video and Disney Hotstar. The offer is valid for a limited time

The verdict is out. The new the Samsung Crystal 4K TV offers unmatched content watching experience like no other with its best-in-class picture quality and truly immersive sound.

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This TV has been engineered for those who are passionate about the way they view their content – ​​whether it is unwinding with your favorite movie at the end of a hectic week, listening to your playlist at a get together with buddies, competing for that long- awaited high score in the new game you are hooked to or catching a work presentation on a big screen.

Powered by Crystal technology, the Samsung Crystal 4K TV is the perfect blend of mesmerizing display, captivating sound features and a bouquet of smart features. It has been engineered to offer you the best-in-class content quality with HDR 10+ display which increases the range of light levels on your TV so you can enjoy an enormous spectrum of colors and all the visual details, even for the darkest scenes .

So, what you get is a TV that allows you to experience rich, accurate colors and deeper contrasts that are accurate to the very last detail. With Samsung’s One Billion True Colors technology that brings every picture alive with true to life colors and brings forward optimal picture performance. It also has Film Mode with which you can enjoy theater quality content right in the comfort of your living room.

And, if you are among those who have been bitten by the gaming bug, this TV will ensure that you never miss a single point. With Auto Game Mode and Motion Xcelerator features, you get faster frame transitions and lower latency allowing you to game without any downtime. The visual and audio experience of the TV make the game come alive on the big screen in front of you with near-real sound effects!

With universal Content Guide, users can spend more time watching rather than searching. It helps users find their favorite movies and TV shows from among a list of curated content from India’s popular streaming apps.

The Dolby Digital Plus sound offers the highest quality of audio – just the kind of 3D sound effects that you enjoy in a theatre. It comes equipped with smart adaptive sound feature to adjust the sound according to the content being played and gives you only the highest quality of audio.

Moreover, with an in-built music player function, you can make it double up as an audio playback device that plays your favorite playlist on its high-quality sound system. The entire experience is uplifted by realistic video elements that are added to the playlist, turning the TV into a virtual music system. You can choose to stream from your favorite streaming app, or you can choose to access thousands of songs from Gaana music too.

For those in hybrid work mode, the PC Mode allows you to transform this entertainment machine into a personal computer by day which enables you to create documents or work from the Cloud. It also comes with wireless screen mirroring for a big screen or extended screen experience.

At the core, the Samsung Crystal 4K TV is engineered for binge watching. Samsung has been India’s largest and most trusted consumer electronics brand and the new model is a definite upgrade to what the brand has on offer as it brings together the very best of Samsung’s cutting-edge technology with high-tech features that will make heads turn.

The Samsung Crystal 4K looks stunning with its sleek and elegant design that blends well with all kinds of home interiors, whether you place it in the living room or entertainment lounge. At 43 inches, the display is large, its sleek looks and a bezel-less design make it merge into the surroundings.

It has all the features of a smart TV, from built-in connectivity with Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby for a connected viewing experience, to a universal content guide that allows you to spend more time watching rather than searching for content and TV Plus through which you can watch more than 55 global and local Live channels like Republic TV, Discovery TV etc. by logging into Samsung TV Plus for free.

The all-new Samsung Crystal 4K TV is available at an introductory price of just 35,990 for the 43-inch size. As part of a special offer, if you buy the TV now, you can pick between a one-year subscription of Amazon prime video and one year membership of Disney Hotstar, that you can get totally free depending on where you purchase the TV from.

Samsung has also launched a unique consumer affordability program in collaboration with Flipkart. ‘Smart Upgrade Program’ provides consumers with a unique opportunity to upgrade their content viewing experience with new Crystal 4K TV by paying only 70 per cent at the time of purchase and 30 per cent after 12 months. This program has been designed to provide affordability and ease of ownership to consumers. With this program, customers can buy the newly launched Crystal 4K TV for an upfront payment of 25,193 and pay the balance 10,797 at the end of 12 months. The program is also available for other Samsung TV range of UHD, Frame and Neo QLED models exclusively on Flipkart.

So, what are you waiting for? Log in to Amazon, Flipkart or the official Samsung online store to buy your Samsung Crystal 4K TV and also avail the special offers.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of the brand by the HTBS team.