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serie tv, film e partite a sbafo, i “furbetti” italiani rischiano grosso – Libero Quotidiano

Luigi Merano

Il rischio è di andare incontro a multe davvero molto salate o di doversi difendere all’interno di a penal proceeding. Ipotesi non così remote, given that the intervention of the Guardia di Finanza and the Postal Police negli ultimi anni if ​​they were intensified. E per i furbetti dello streaming a sbafo le possibilità di farla franca cominciano a restrictersi. Eppure, the phenomenon of illegal IPTV across also the cosiddetto pezzotto (the android decoder with cui if you can ricevere the signal via internet) does not accenna a diminuire. Anzi, the propensity of Italians to infringe the law to save a film or a TV series for free is 21%, gli atti di piraria commessi ogni bimestre is 57 million and the damage to the Paese system is oltre a milliardo di euro.

IPTV ILLEGAL CONTENUTI PIÙ PIRATATI The only thing that has changed in the last year is the instrument. Traditional piracy (i contraffatti cd, both by intention) and that indirection (scarico il film dall’amico, for example) are entering a phase of stagnazione, while it is growing in strength that digital. In particular, the quella relative to the use of illegal IPTV: if you believe that there are 2 million Italians who have an illegal subscription used for the viewing of films, series/fiction, television programs and live sports events. «Il fenomeno delle IPTV illegali – espiega a Libero Federico Bagnoli Rossi il Secretary Generale della Federazione per la Tutela dei Contenuti Audiovisivi e Multimediali – è in crescita also perché molto remunerativo. We open a true and own criminal line, at the apex of a central di smistamento that happens to point to all a series of soggetti, and cosiddetti reseller, that at loro returns to the rivendono». And i controlli? “I will see difficulties in dipping into the strong technological component of the transmission system and the logistical diversification of the structure. Good part of the central office for example is located in the Country of the East and is the one that is difficult to trace and many reseller uses services that guarantee anonymity».

GDF AND POSTAL POLICY – Nonostante ciò i nuclei especializzati della Guardia di Finanza e la Polizia Postale negli ultimi mesi hanno messo a segno molte operazioni importanti. Except for the fact that for example, the operation “The Net”, with searches in Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Campania and Calabria, has carried all the initialization of a series of access to digital platform that allows the illegal use of television content. (Internet Protocol Television) uses over 500 thousand users. «Operazioni of this type – continued Bagnoli Rossi – agreed to reveal the real dimension of audio-visual piracy, a phenomenon anchored by the public opinion that in reality is a veri e proper criminal informatici gesture. Soprattutto in a moment as difficult as what is current in the audio-visual industry, due to the pandemic, the operations of contrast are anchored by the decisive factor in sustaining the split phase».

COLLABORATION – To argue the phenomenon if I can anchor it so much, if from the communicative point of view, to understand the negative result of this truffe in the economy, which gives that legislation. The collaboration between the collaborators and the investigative organizations specializing in the maintenance of the illegal network that are equipped with sophisticated instruments and the most incisive of those that can be used and private remains fundamental. Eppure dei passi in avanti sono stati fatti. »In Italy – evidenced Bagnoli Rossi – this President Draghi has evidenced how important the activity of contrast to piracy is. The receipt of the copyright directive, for example, has presented a relevant signal, as it goes underground that for the first time if I started to talk about the subject of the responsibility of the 21% piattaforme and of the intermediary of the web in un’ottica di maggiore collaborazione and it is always turning on the più spazio il topic della tempestività dell’azione decisive per arginare questa forma di illegalità».

LEGGI – At this moment all the Camera dei Deputati is in corso the appraisal of its four proposals for the legge of contrast alla piracy. L’esame in Commissione has the objective of arriving at a single text. E proprio a questo scopo sono all’esame i provvedimenti. Ma adesso è arrivato il momento di accelerare. The issue of piracy governs all the media and intrattenimento industry, even the OTT world (Netflix, Dazn, Prime Video…) and needs a collective action on the part of all parties involved with the common objective I will safeguard the value of the product, if it is content on demand or a live event, but this may grow to the advantage of all the markets and these services.

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