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Settore travel: il 42% of the clients if they enter the first page of the site

The last report of Contentsquare dedicated to the travel sector evidences the aspects of the user experience that I consider to favor the growth of the tourist compartment.

in his last Travel Digital Experience Benchmark Report gave Contentsquare, a company operating in digital experience analytics, has examined the strength and criticism of the portal viaggi, in an attempt to offer all the information set to use for the optimization of the digital experience to support the sharing of the share. What emerges is that 42% of travel sector customers lose interest if they only view a single page.

Globally, the report has analyzed for a year 328 websites of the travel sector representative of 25 Nazioni, across Italy, for a total of over 2.7 milliards of sessions at the end of fornire the brand of the tourism and hospitality sector indications I use in merit to the behavior of the user, I will optimize the customer digital experience and I will increase the richness.

The traveler went from infatti to a high average conversion rate of 3.9% compared to 2.3% globally (1.65% relative to Italy) and higher than 70% compared to 2.3 %).

As far as the specific case of Italy is concerned, before the last 31 million sessions of web browsing analyzed, the analysis has shown that 62.5% of users prefer mobile navigation for a premium on information worth traveling to. and prenotazioni, ma il 35.5% sceglie di approfondire o finalizzare l’acquisto promite desktop.

Settore travel

A fact that invites you to learn about its growing importance that affects mobile navigation and offers to use it in close to preliminary information, a satisfying digital experience that favors the return of your platform and is a decisive factor in the conversion of desktop navigation.

An other strategic element for the analysis of the digital experience is to present the bounce rate also in this case the travel settore had an optimal position attesting to 42% of global living (41.2% for Italy), second only to energy sector (38%).

An aspect that deserves attention is the average time of the web page care that if it attends 1.65 seconds to livello globale ea 2.17 seconds per i portali italiani. Data that demonstrates the need to analyze the UX to offer a highly rewarding digital experience and such a favor and customer acquisition process.

Settore travel

The digital experience is infatti a field of strong competition with the brand of the travel sector, in an attempt to catalyze the best possible service of potential clients and services. Ma how to monitor it per capire se i propri contenuti e la propria digital experience siano all’altezza delle aspettative?

An item to be carefully analyzed is the average tempo on the web page. The Travel Digital Experience Benchmark Report of Contentsquare is emerging as a global live media user travels around 5 minutes and 15 seconds per session, data in increase is compared to 4 minutes and 49 seconds registered in media in 2020.

This fact is a key element that indicates the need to create content to the degree of collaboration, speed and time of care and to respond effectively to your needs.

The optimization of the online experience is not limited to only the website: dal rapporto y evince infatti che la maggior part de ottenuto dai portali del setore travel è of organic type (80% to livello globale and 62.46% per l ‘Italy) comes from social channels, motori di ricerca, email e referral. An element to which I will pay attention to determine the style of online marketing that is effective in veicolare maggior traffico verse i siti web.

The user experience is always presenting a differentiating element in favor of the growth or failure of a brand. We can say that we are really shaping the prospective future of the relationship that we do build online by joining and publicly referencing, attesting if we always have a ground that will determine and lead the market. Ancor più in a strategic share in our country as that of tourism and hospitality that must be largely sustained following the effects of the pandemic”, has commented Marco Ferraris, Country Manager for Italy of Contentsquare.