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Specialists detailing difficulties in leveraging e-sports in JF

If not Brazil, the electronic games have been spread and gained prominence, as they tried to win the Fifa World Cup in July by Brazilian players, and also the success of streamers who broadcast two games like Gaules, who won the Brazil eSports Award 2020 In the Personality and Streamer of the Year categories, in Juiz de Fora or the scene, it was still not developed in the professional field, with few competitions held. A Tribuna conversou with a content creator about games, or donated from CT e-Sports JF, or player who wins the competitions promoted by CT and an event organizer that seeks to include the electronic games in the city to understand or that is missing for Juiz de Fora despontar in the state and national cenário two electronic games.

CT e-Sports JF can host confrontations between teams of five members each (Photo: Felipe Couri)

“I am the majority, the realization of the minority”

Despite the formation of strong and recognized times in e-sports, such as Corinthians, Cruzeiro, Flamengo and Santos, which have players dedicated to full-time proficiency, the reality is that most two athletes, including Juiz de Fora, are not the same. He is the guarantor or creator of content about games, Pedro Arty, who worked for Free Fire do Corinthians and is in front of TM Games, a channel recently launched on the social networks of the Tribuna de Minas, to explore the scene in the region.

“Cheguei to visit two athletes, a ‘game house’, which has a nutritionist, psychologist and manager. They don’t need to worry about anything to be in play, what is or work for them. We do physical exercises, specific activities, we don’t do anything or play all day. Possuem all an accompaniment, and those who are under the age of ity are forced to go to school. But here in Juiz de Fora, the reality of many young men in their thirties at home, without support, to try to enter a team. It is the dream of the majority and the realization of the minority. Lots of crappy computer games striving to work at some big organization. It’s not the same pique do futebol”, says Arty.

Another factor that limits the projection of players at the professional level, according to Arty, is low longevity. “A large part of two athletes are not fazem faculdade, only that their career is very short. Generally, the ficam gamers did not boom until a maximum of 25 years. It’s a good period, dedicating himself exclusively to e-sports and doing live in parallel, which helps with income. More later, to continue nisso, the only option is to turn commentator. É tudo novo no cenário, ainda não tem muitas profissões disponíveis”, regrets the content breeder.

Pedro Arty commands, now, or TM Games in the social networks of the Tribune (Photo: Arquivo pessoal)

Or that I am helped or ready to grow, even in a pandemic, according to Arty, is the possibility of practicing e-sports remotely, in addition to the interaction of social networks. “The generation of content and entertainment of electronic games by independent people, on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Tik Tok, has grown a lot. The streamers and breeders of conteúdo that are high will emerge and grow also within this time. I didn’t start the pandemic for people, I had a little problem because some e-sports championships, because we were present, were cancelled. More quickly everything was adjusted for or on-line and many things were ugly. Various championships played in the country”, he recounts.

Even with these mechanisms of development, or a breeder of energy content that, born in the city, “everything is difficult”, and with it, the athletes themselves need to look for alternatives. “At K3.GG, an organization, we are working, but little else happens in the city. For example, when new, I was passionate about playing Dota. Morava em Muriaé, and in 2015 I came here to Juiz de Fora since I had several tournaments, but I didn’t have anything. In 2016, the Federal Institute of Juiz de Fora (IFJF), where I studied, was part of the academic center. Lá, we organize an event called IF Games. We have to face the lack of competitions here in the city. There will be disputes of CS, LOL, Fifa and others. Tudo certo, com regras”, he recalls.

“O polo is São Paulo, I don’t have to run away. One thing or another song in Belo Horizonte. Here in Juiz de Fora, or CS is or is stronger, there are some championships, just like lovers. More same assim é little. Free Fire, Pubg, Rainbow Six and Pokemon United are on the rise. A city needs more championships. A galley needs to be moved to make things happen”, asks Arty.

Missão: ‘break the scene in JF’

Bernardo sees a wide space for structural evolution, marketing and gamers (Photo: Arquivo pesoal)

Or donated by the first lan house gamer of the city (CT e-sportsJF), Bernardo Carnot, also believed that electronic games in the city are far below what they could be. “In Juiz de Fora, there are very few competitions. Face-to-face is only the CT that organizes, we do not have another place that people can play. Here are ten gaming computers, five computers facing each other with five others, which allow us to play one time against another, to have a rivalry. On-line it is easier to do, but even as it is very little. The disclosures are also very unsuccessful. Or our championship itself we only disclose through Instagram, that where it is that is curte or public, but it is very little… Juiz de Fora is very big”, Bernardo is saddened.

O conteúdo continua apos o anuncio

In Juiz de Fora, Free Fire, League of Legends (LOL) and Valorant have a lot of success, more than Counter Strike is or has a greater number of players, according to Bernardo. “We have already organized two face-to-face CS championships and deram certo. No first, we created a structure with a cloth in the store, so we allow players to bring friends and family to attend. We also broadcast on Twitch, as a narrator and commentator to give visibility. In the second championship we placed a 50-seat television show at Praça Manoel Honório. We made a sale of drinks, foi bem interessante”, he recalls.

Second or donated by CT, in the absence of support and another obstacle. “The Prefecture has begun to launch some modalities now, but the ones that are being traced are not the most popular with the public. Some do not have engagement. The most famous ones are not doing it, perhaps because it is a shooting game. No sei se isso affecta alguma coisa, se tem certo preconceito”, opined o dono do CT.

Requested by the Tribune, the Secretary of Sport and Laser (SEL) of the Prefecture of Juiz de Fora reiterated that “in the two editions of the Bahamas Prefecture Cup of e-Sports, meetings were held to analyze what would be the modalities. It was analyzed that gun games with violence (as in the case of CS) are not recommended for children. The Bahamas Prefectural Cup of e-Sports is a tournament that has as its objective, in addition to encouraging electronic sports practice, valuing the educational and behavioral benefits inherent in sports such as friendship, mutual respect, inclusion and solidarity, without stimulating violence”.

For Bernardo, who declares himself a fan of entrepreneurship and two electronic games, looking for CT is to promote a venue for both competition and entertainment for athletes. “I’m trying to unravel the Juiz de Fora scene, that’s a minha missão. We want to give visibility to people who want to be professional gamers and make it possible for them to become professionals in the city. Hoje, they have to go to other states, because here we don’t have an opportunity, without formed teams, not a sponsor. So many lost talents. Due to the lack of opportunity, they ended up not raising isso to the front. It hasn’t been easy, or CT is the only place in the city. É bom pela exclusividade, mas tudo numb and I have to run behind sozinho. I don’t have this culture in the city. Here I have no fear or costume of going back to the lan-houses. In São Paulo, Coritiba, Rio de Janeiro, the opportunities are much greater. We have to fight against the preconceptions, it is not easy”, he points out.

Campeão prioritizes Economy at UFJF

Despite his talent, Matheus understands that his path is to focus on our studies due to the lack of support in e-Sports (Photo: Arquivo pesoal)

The young Matheus Xavier, 18 years old, was part of the team that won two Counter Strike tournaments organized by CT e-sports JF. His name was that he introduced the world of two games, still when he grew up, not Playstation 1. Depois, Matheus won a Playstation 3 and fell in love with Call Of Duty. From there, he decided to buy a computer in 2016, and three years later, he started Counter Strike, his favorite game now. Meanwhile, the garoto believes that the preparation in the city is not ideal, just as it had been reflected in conquests

“I was very good at winning the championships, my team entered and was focused on winning both editions. It was the fruit of our talent. Let’s play together for some time, or that makes it easier not to get involved in tactic. But not day by day, I used to only go into my computer and play, I don’t train a lot. I am in the Faculty of Economics at UFJF and I have other priorities”, confessed or student.

According to the guy, what is missing for people like him to become professionals is an incentive at home and also in the financial quest. “My family did not support me very much to have the best equipment. I played for a long time with peripherals below the professional level. Isso made me give up trying this career and focus more on our studies. There is a lack of investment for the players, it turns out that in Juiz de Fora we only used to play for hobby and fun. If there were more financial incentives, the dedication would be greater”’, Matheus believes.

structure problems

Já para el producer of Pop culture events, Eustáquio Júnior, who organizes competitions such as Soul Geek and Festival Anima Clube (FAC), are many people in the city who are interested in electronic games. “We set up a gamer space for events with various consoles and organized simple tournaments for Fifa, Naruto and Mortal Kombat 11. Same as that, even if it would be ideal, but it is a form of entertainment that we found to guarantee a little inclusion of the public to or event”, he says. Or main difficulty, second ele, é or structural quesito.

“We have many players, but very few locations to receive them. We would need a ‘game house’ to concentrate the players or even create time. The incentive to this culture is still very much reduced. The Prefecture has some actions to encourage the players, but there is still no problem of viability for the realization of championships. It would be necessary compatible computers and enough for two times and quality internet to host the server, in a mobile way. The organizers need an arena with an extremely expensive structure to make a quality event to raise public and be able to have a return. The sponsorship in this area is scarce, we need more”, concluded Eustáquio.

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