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Sport TV gives good news to Eleven Sports and offers a reduction in prices – Media

The executive president of Sport TV, Nuno Ferreira Pires, considered, in an interview with Lusa, that “saudável concorrência” is boa for the sector in Portugal, hair that gives “as boas-vindas” to Eleven Sports in Portugal.

Questioned about the entry of a new competitor in the market – to Eleven Sports – that we have transmission rights from ‘Champions’ [Liga dos Campeões] e da Liga Espanhola, or manager says that “saudável concorrência é semper bom para any sector”.

Nesse sense, “we give boas-vindas to Eleven Sports in Portugal”, he affirmed, pointing out that this is “a phenomenon to which” Sport TV will be attentive.

“But it doesn’t seem to me a phenomenon of great concern”, he considered.

“I’m not worried, I’m very worried,” affirmed Nuno Ferreira Pires, who said that he pointed to Sport TV’s 20-year experience, his commitment to innovation and content as distinctive factors of the company.

“I don’t think we saw until now that there is a big concern for Sport TV. Sport TV continues to be very calm with its offer, we have 55 thousand hours of programming throughout the year, I think that Eleven, Daquilo that we have lido, announces that it will be about 3,000 hours”, commented the manager, who assumed the ‘networks’ of the Portuguese company of sports channels by subscription.

When asked about the fact that Sport TV did not have ‘Champions’, the executive president said: “I will not hide that ‘Champions League’ is an important product and because it continues to be a great European competition.”

But, “from our point of view, and for some reason our own channels in the open signal, called FTA RTP, SIC and TVI, were not the first ‘bid’ [leilão]”, he recalled, pointing out that “the values, especially for a country like Portugal”, with a lack of scale, “begin to be very heavy for the ‘broadcasters’ [televisões]”.

No entanto, a Sport TV, guarantee, fez tudo or what could to get the transmission rights of the Liga dos Campeões de futebol, but not all is lost, since the Europa League is a big bet by Sport TV this season.

“We don’t have the Champions League, but we have more than once by option something that seems to us that this year will have a much, much greater value, which is the Europa League. UEFA, which has these two competitions, the Europa League is ‘Champions League’, very prejudiced the Portuguese territory in the access conditions of the teams to ‘Champions’ and favored the Europa League a lot, I say.

“I have an access exchange here. What I want to say is that there are guaranteed to be more Portuguese teams that will play in the Europa League than Portuguese teams that will eventually play in the ‘Champions League,'” he continued, adding: “We don’t To understand, the minutes of viewing a Europa League in the next sporting season have an immeasurable value greater than ‘Champions’ for the Portuguese”.

Além disso, lembrou that, like Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus, the clients of Sport TV will follow the Italian League in a different way, or that it is an asset for the company.

“We are very aware that from the moment in which Cristiano is present, or time of viewing of the content, it will multiply by several” multiples, increases.

Asked about the possibility of having a reduction in the subscription prices of the Sport TV services, having in mind that there was no offer from ‘Champions’, Nuno Ferreira Pires afastou or cenário.

“When I have 70% of my current paying subscriber base or the highest subscription value [os valores mais altos de subscrição são os clientes que vêem em alta definição, em vários dispositivos] (…), this means that de facto clients are calm in the media with what Sport TV browses as an offer,” he considered.

“I don’t have any doubt that any Portuguese should do the things, looking for the 55,000 hours of programming, the modalities that we give ourselves, for the 2,000 games that we give, and for everything here that is or we will not be next year or so calmer than we were before our clients as the value that we charge us on Sport TV”, he concluded.

21 thousand additional subscribers

A Sport TV reached in June “or its maximum record” in 20 years of existence in additional subscribers, to achieve “21 thousand liquid direct subscribers”, said Nuno Ferreira Pires.

“A Sport TV em Junho managed to increase, apart from all the park that has already been installed (…), at the entrance of the World Cup more than 21 thousand liquid direct subscribers, I know, I am going to discount between those who entered and those who left channel,” said the manager.

These data represent “maximum historical record of always in 20 years in additional subscribers”, salient or executive president.

“June continues to be, and it has always been more difficult, which is called more than sports defense, even in times of the World Cup and Europe, in which many times there is an increase in subscribers – there are more clients at that particular moment than we are to join the family Sport TV -, the number was never so expressive”, continued.

According to Nuno Ferreira Pires, who assumed the executive presidency of Sport TV (appointed by NOS, Vodafone, Altice and Olivedesportos) in September last year, these data demonstrate that Sport TV is in good health.

Despite not disclosing the number of clients of Sport TV, or adiantou manager that last year “the park is not stable”, stating that “there was a slight decrease in subscribers at the end of the period, but it is not expressive”.

Not last year, the revenues from Sport TV will be around 200 million euros.

One of the novelties this year of the group is to bet on the games of the II Soccer League.

“I didn’t start, on the first day, but between the third and fourth day I probably” Sport TV will be “broadcasting all the games of the II League in full, which is one thing that still has no total attraction for the viewer”.

However, “we are fundamental to help which competitions, in the II League in this case, we can raise our value in Portugal, we can also be internationalized eventually and we can achieve more value or value that is very concentrated in one, two or three competitions, that is to Liga NOS, to taça da Liga ea Taça de Portugal”, accentou.

“Sport TV has been proud to invest a lot of the year to buy a specific product, apart from television broadcasting, at the same time it is contributing in an extraordinary way to the national sport”, sublinhou.

Also this year, Sport TV is going to make available a modality of râguebi in the southern hemisphere, which is one of the novelties.

Nuno Ferreira Pires emphasized that Sport TV will continue to bet on innovation, technology and the quality of its content, since the first big challenge is to ensure that customers remain adept at the company’s services.

Regarding his experience in front of Sport TV, which has lasted almost a year, Nuno Ferreira Pires classified it as “extraordinary”.

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