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Tg Environment, edition of April 19, 2022


Peaceful protest by Greenpeace near the border in Syracuse to hold the port of the ship ‘SCF Baltica’, arriving from Russia with a price of 110 thousand tons of oil. With the support of the ship ‘Rainbow Warrior’, gli attivisti have written a letter cubitali sulla fiancata della petroliera il messaggio ‘Peace not oil’, ‘Pace non petrolio’. Gli attivisti hanno esposto i loro messaggi directly in water, while fra gli alberi della ‘Rainbow Warrior’ is compared to a great symbol of peace. Altre cinque navi que transporteno petrolio o gas liquefato dalla Russia sono arrivo sulle italiane Coste, e moltissime altre en tutta Europa, denounced the environmentalist. If you estimate that since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and the EU budget, there is more than 33 billion euros to import fossil gas, oil and coal from Russia. The richest of Greenpeace all’Ue is the one who will interrupt any way of importing or investing in fossil fuels with Russia and, to promote peace, will seriously invest in the energy transition.


The mountain gives tourist goal to luogo in cui abitare, now the protagonist of the devastating problem of the abandoned building, the change of the tourist demand for assenza di neve, the need for the ingenti reinvestimenti di ammodernamento, mancati adeguamenti tecnici, scelte non ponderate rispetto ai flussi turistici , speculazioni di basso cabotaggio: queste, segnala Legambiente, alcune delle cause più frequenti dell’abbandono da nord a sud. According to the Sistema Nazionale per la Protezione dell’Ambiente in Italy, the consumption of soil continues to grow and protects even the montane zone to rischio frane e alluvioni, aree protette, sponde dei corpi idrici, valli dove il suolo è più fertile. The sad primacy for the old area and 600 meters of altitude is from Trentino-Alto Adige, which in 2019 has consummated over 54 ettari in più rispetto al 2018. Ad I will increase the pressure sull’ambiente il fatto che dopo anni di stagnazione, il mercato of the seconde case in montagna, especially sull’arco alpino, is experiencing a phase of crescita. In the first half of 2021, the percentage of people who bought a second house in the mountains was 6.4%, while the pre-pandemic situation was 5.5%. I prezzi medi sono saliti dello 0.6%, but if you foresee an increase, legato also alla richiesta crescente di case in affitto.


“Il passaggio verse a società dell’hydrogen è fundamentale per raggiungere la piena decarbonizzazione e build un’economia sostenibile”. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has discovered this by visiting the new rigassification terminal of Kobe, in Hyogo Prefecture, which has accommodated the first ship in the world for the transportation of liquid hydrogen, the ‘Swiss Frontier’, built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. ‘Suiso’ in giapponese means hydrogen, and the ship has transported and scaricato in Giappone quello liquefatto prodotto e caricato in Australia, also thanks to massicci investimenti giapponesi. The new energy import will contribute to the initiative messe in the field of Tokyo to reach the production of at least 10% of the national electricity consumption with hydrogen or ammonia, aiming at the goal of zero emission of the raggiungere within 2050. “The government will take care of sustainability Courage and farà investment for an early introduction of hydrogen as an energy source for the national production system”, added Prime Minister Kishida. Giappone intends to import 20 million tons of hydrogen by 2050, 5 million in 2020, from Kawasaki – which is part of the joint venture HySTRA for the development of a supply chain for maritime transport on its vast scale. Hydrogen – Project to build 80 ships as the ‘Swiss Frontier’ to move at least 9 million tons of hydrogen per year. Kawasaki Heavy Industries has also signed an agreement with Airbus to work on all aviation hydrogen utilization and in particular at Airport Hydrogen Hubs.


Agriculture is a pillar of the Italian economy, with over 41 billion euros of bank loans in 2021 alone, and it is a share of guardianship, due to the pandemic, energy savings and the war in Ukraine. Bisogna to protect it in favor of the quality of the products and also against the fake news, ad example that secondly cui allevamenti risultano tra i maggiori produttori di gas serra nell’atmosfera. The picture was used at the opening of the 215th academic year of the National Academy of Agriculture, Monday in the Stabat Mater dell’Archiginnasio di Bologna, opened by Prof. Giorgio Cantelli Forti, president of Ana, and by the introduction of President Abi Antonio Patuelli, Nominated for the occasion “honorary academician”.

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