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The bets of TNT Sports in the transmission of the NBA

Since October of last year, TNT Sports has registered more than 756.8 million impressions with the 21/22 NBA season on its platforms. Under the motto ‘Aqui Geral Joga Junto’ and with a strong presence on social networks, the transmission is considered internally as a “case of success”. More quais as bets da emissora com or championship?

The partnership between TNT Sports and the NBA for the broadcast of games on YouTube was sealed in June 2021. The agreement, which also allowed the broadcaster to produce content for its social networks, became valid as of the end of the Eastern Conference last season. With this, you will gain more than one option to attend the games.

Since then, TNT Sports entered the square and has broadcast more than 100 games, investing in the spread of sports on the Internet. “This game of division two broadcasting rights of the NBA, if it is more plural, ends up reaching a higher number of fans,” said the narrator Octávio Neto ao UOL Sport.

“Stop to think, the brand is much more widespread and, consequently, it ends up attracting more fans, more consumers. I don’t have a doubt that this is a certain shot, I’m not just thinking about not producing the NBA, but also in the audience,” he added. The narrator also highlights the various transmission options that are offered to the public.

“I know people want a streaming-level transmission, with more conversations and zoeira, I’m going to find it in a live do Gaules. I want a more engaged with the public, with specialized commentators, pre-jogo and a language that at the same time is streaming , but also professional, here we go to us. And we want a more square transmission, as in the old days, we go to dated TV, “he explained.

Fernando Medeiros, two basketball commentators from the broadcaster, agrees as narrator that TNT Sports fears that it will make its slogan during the broadcasts. For him, the online format allows you to be able to attend the games from any place and in smaller fabrics.

“O ‘Aqui Geral Joga Junto’ really is an opportunity to interact with the audience that is not using a cell phone, attending our games, suddenly, at a bar table. A person does not need to be inside the house, sitting on the sofa, to be able to attend the NBA,” he commented.

The commentator believes that becoming more and more popular is essential for the modality and for the league. “And to reach this popularity, being on multiplatforms is essential. With the language of the internet, browse people and get a new audience for the NBA”, he analyzed.

language and youth

One of the broadcaster’s strategies is precisely to conquer the younger public. Not digital, this missão ends up being naturalized by the fate of happening in the ‘habitat’ dessa geração.

“Hoje, a fatia de novos fãs da NBA is very big, not a segment of two young people. On the other hand, lifestyle, dessa linguagem que o basquete traced and because people are on the internet. E o jovem is on the internet”, explained Fernando.

One factor that contributed to this relationship is the language of transmissions. For this reason, the TNT Sports team needs to do something that always “hugs the audience”, remaining in balance between the informal lives and the professionally engineered, on television, without depending too much on the other side.

Octavio Neto, narrator for TNT Sports

Image: Divulgação/TNT Sports

“This language is very organic, it is part of everyday life. Or Octavio, narrating, vai ter or technical behavior of a speaker, but the subject has been taken from digital because it is also not digital”, pointed out the commentator. “Our public is already used to this language, they want to have a jump, a meme. For people it is very natural,” adds Fernando.

“É uma linguagem jovem”, reinforcement or narrator. “You trace things from day to day because, sometimes, it will be a transmission of three, four hours in duration. It becomes very technical, it ends up becoming a very monotonous experience,” he explained. At the same time, he says that he has to worry “I don’t have to spare for something that I leave or play in the background.”

“I always say that you star [da transmissão] we are not us. São os jogadores, os treinadores, which is within the quadra”, highlighted Octávio.

Interactivity as a thermometer

And how do I get it right or heading at the time of the year I live? Follow the rhythm of the public.

The professionals of TNT Sports reveal that they have two great indications: the chat on YouTube and the social networks. Isso because, during the games, the viewers are constantly giving feedback that is instantaneous about what happens in the quadra and also in the transmission.

“It is our transmission and the internet, and our proposal is ‘O Here Geral Joga Junto’, it is the galley that says the rhythm,” said Octávio Neto. “I know the chat is talking a lot about something or I have a hashtag about a certain topic, that’s why we’re going to follow or go,” he added.

This interactivity with the public, inclusive, is not only valued as it is also stimulated by the broadcaster. “People fear this freedom to make a less conceived, less formal transmission. On the internet, people get a thermometer, mainly by tricking the audience,” said Fernando Medeiros.

“You are retaining and engaging the audience at the same time with enquetes, jumps, comments. It is a transmission that provides engagement. When people start to interact, they are more and more into the game. And our paper there is tracing all these elements that we make up a game, we don’t just have a ball in the basket”, highlighted the commentator.

Growth of the NBA in Brazil

According to a Google survey carried out between 2006 and 2020, basketball is the third favorite sport of two Brazilians, behind soccer and volleyball. With the current NBA season, TNT Sports has received more than 19.4 million hits with broadcasts and content.

For Octavio and Fernando, the league tends to grow even more in Brazil. “A NBA we see doing an excellent job and it is having success. But, for this to be perpetuated, it just needs to be traced more and more or younger for this context”, opinou or commentator. Or narrator face chorus to thought.

“The NBA is much more than just attending the games. You want to buy sneakers, jerseys, casual shirts. You see the lifestyle and the behavior of two players, two players, and trace isso for their life as Some way. I agree with the NBA, I don’t want an institution, it’s very important and I’m going to continue expanding”, analyzed Octávio.

fernando - Divulgação/TNT Sports - Divulgação/TNT Sports

Fernando Medeiros, NBA commentator on TNT Sports and former BBB 15 participant

Image: Divulgação/TNT Sports

Fernando bets on the strategy of “affecting the public”, tracing the people “unless they perceive” that he is being inserted in the universe of the modality. “I know things that go beyond basketball, and the NBA manages to do that. Increase the base or main focus to increasingly popularize the modality,” he concluded.

“It is not just to reach, it is to reach that person, that fã. E aí você trace new adepts, new consumers. Não ó do jogo, but desse lifestyle, des se ecosystem que é become a fã de NBA”, opinou or narrator. Finally, Octavio uses himself as an example.

“I was always a face that I loved in the NBA, I always loved from hard work and sports to my whole life. But now, I deeply immerse myself and spend more time consuming. I went to buy more shirts, I also tied one of Doncic’s” I argued.

Embora to NBA this in its final challenge, the numbers of the season are compared by the pair before the same two results two Playoffs. “If the season is over now, and it’s still not over, we would consider it a big audience success. And this event is still uploading two final games that are playing now,” closed Octávio.

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