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The emblematic Real Sports Bar reopens with news — and very close to the old house – NiT

The emblematic Real Sports Bar reopens with news — and very close to the old house

Autographed T-shirts for the players of the national team and two main national soccer clubs decorate the new space.

Reopened on February 11, 2022.

If you still don’t know where to see the next big game of the championship, we have a solution. It is located at number 234 of Rua de São Sebastião da Pedreira and, since February 11, it is an obligatory stopping point for those homeless due to deportation — no matter the modality — and good food. We speak of the Real Sports Bar, which reopens two years after its new location and with improvements, in order to provide those who visit unforgettable moments with friends and rivals. For the first time, it was open from March 2013 to March 2020.

Até há pouco tempo, or bar ficava in Hotel Real Parque. With the deactivation of the hotel unit for the future rehabilitation of the building, it was necessary to decide what the future would be. “Since the space was iconic and had many followers, it made sense to maintain the same function and it was also thought of changing its location to the Hotel Real Palácio”, explains Ângelo Sena, from the communication department of Real Hotels Group, responsible for management do establishment The fact that two hotels will meet at a very short distance will also weigh on the decision to preserve, he adds.

Apart from the location, the new space is distinguished by presenting a more vintage decoration. “I used an image and sports material that reminds us of how it was or was worn in the past.”

It is larger than the previous one.

T-shirts autographed by players of the national team and two main national soccer clubs, just like some soccer balls, beach soccer and rugby assassinated by cracks of various modalities confer a special charm to the renovated refuge. A place of choice for those who live in search of the left hand that will make you prove we will be witnessing the birth of the new Messi or waiting for the final sprint that will leave several adversaries gaping behind and give victory to the cyclist in whom no one has bet.

At the news, André stands out, above all, the size of the space, with more places, shades and columns of sun “so that you can have a unique sporting experience”. You are accustomed three televisions will pass to four, “substantially larger”. Now, the clients also do not need to enter by the reception of the hotel, since the bar has direct access to the outside, or that makes everything more practical.

Unaltered (and still bem), remain the modalities that can accompany him. Soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, athletics, golf and formula 1 are the usual possibilities, but André, as soon as the clients can request other sports.

Objects alluding to different decoram or local modalities.

If you are in doubt about the quality of the better Real Sports Bar, it is important to know that it achieved the approval of Madjer and João Matos. The former beach soccer player, who won the world championship three times and was chosen as the best player on five occasions, as well as the current captain of the national futsal team, two European champions, are official ambassadors.

As long as it’s over, don’t stop experimenting with food. Or prego real em bolo do caco (€9), with beef steak, butter and sweet potato fries; The home-made hamburger (€9), also with beef steak in caco bowl, which comes together with bacon, cheese, arugula, tomato, onion with portobello and sweet potato fries, with some options.

But there is more, like the Real Sports Bar toast (€5), feita with saloio bread, flamengo cheese, cold cuts, tomato, oregãos, butter and sweet potato fries; ea of ​​salmão (€6), also in pão saloio, but with smoked salmão, tartar mould, arugula and sweet potato fries.

In case you want to share with your friends, even if for your displeasure these have different emblems of your breast, piece or pica-pau of meat (9€), the nachos with guacamole (5.5€) or the table of cheeses (8 €), ideas to share. Já amendoa tarte (€3.5) and chocolate brownie (€3.5) are perfect for dressing the bitterest nights.

To drink there is no lack of the classic Portuguese beers, they are not artisans. There are still some special sangrias and, “for the more conservative”, a selection of wines (white, red and rosé), sparkling wines and champagne, as well as white drinks. Everything you need to overcome a less satisfactory result or celebrate big.