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The first Italian vertiport inaugurated at the airport of Fiumicino – Italiavola & Travel

Aeroporti di Roma, Atlantia, UrbanV e Volocopter, pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), have successfully flown the test flight of an equipped eVTOL. It is the first time that this type of test is carried out in the Italian air space. This “flight test” is part of a larger urban air mobility ecosystem installed at the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Fiumicino. The new operation of the first Italian port is a fundamental step towards the opening to the public of the Advanced Air Mobility Service (AAM) in Rome within 2024.

Aeroporti di Roma, Volocopter, UrbanV and Atlantia have not effected this morning the first flight in Italy of an equipped eVTOL, activating all the first version carried out in the Country, only on the VoloIQ digital platform of Volocopter. Il test di oggi è stato svolto a year dalla presentation of the first prototype of eVTOL in Italy. Negli ultimi dodici mesi, sono estati fatti progressi significant from the point of view of the technology of the flight, of the planning of the vertiporti and of the regulations necessary to consent to the first service AAM through the airport of Fiumicino and the city of Rome di “spiccare il volo” I enter il 2024.

The collaudatore di Volocopter pilot, aboard the Volocopter 2X electric helicopter, has flown at 40 km/h for 5 minutes at 40 meters from altitude, performing a flight traiettoria “at 8 davanti agli spettatori, dopo aver ottenuto tutte le autorizzazioni necessarie reports from the competent Italian authority, the Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile (ENAC) and the Ente Nazionale Assistenza al Volo (ENAV), which are a central player in defining the future AAM ecosystem.

The electric aerotaxi of Volocopter is currently planned to allow passengers to operate quickly and without emission in an urban environment, if their land traffic is particularly trafficked, if over water flows. The characteristics of aerotaxy reflect the will of Atlantia and the Aeroporti di Roma di Svolgere a pioneering rule in rendering practical and accessible to the public the mobility of the urban area.

Il vertiport è stato sviluppato in accordance with le specifiche tecniche EASA (ie, “Prototype Technical Specifications for the Design of VFR Vertiports for Operation with Manned VTOL-Capable Aircraft Certified in the Enhanced Category”) and it is situated all’interno di una “sandbox ” Regulations approved by ENAC. It is planned to test various types of tests for the flight, for ground operations (turnaround, battery power, etc.), with an electrical system designed and built to consent to the use of various technologies in power eVTOL (exchange di batterie, ricarica rapida, etc.). The infrastructure, which occupies an area of ​​approximately 5,500 square metres, is planned to guarantee compatibility with the main eVTOL that will certify and prossimi anni and is composted by an area of ​​final warning and development (FATO) for the landscaping and decollo operations, a piazzola di sosta, a covered hangar of 20 x 20 meters and about 6 meters and various locations, with a ufficio, a magazzino and an area for the rich battery.

This morning’s flight is followed by a presentation by the vertiport, organized by UrbanV – ADR fondata society, insieme ad Aeroports de la Cote d’Azur, Aeroporto di Venezia (SAVE) e Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna – per progettare e construire vertiporti to livello internazionale. During the presentation, it was explored an’altra dimensione dei futuri servizi di AAM, ovvero il VoloIQ. This digital platform is the fulcrum of the urban/advanced air mobility ecosystem, which supports digital access to tutti and labor processes: from the flight operations to the forecast, VoloIQ will support and optimize the sviluppo of the UAM/AAM operations in the city of tutto il mondo.

“Atlantia’s industrial strategy is strongly focused on its investment in technology and innovation, as it renders us and always works for sustainability and paves the way for a new form of integrated mobility”, stated Giampiero Massolo, President of Atlantia. “We are happy to have contributed to the Fare Sistema through some important society of our siamo azionisti. Thanks to all the collaboration and support in terms of competition and diversity of excellence, we are creating a new type of sustainable mobility that will not last long. Through the cooperation with the competent institutions, we aim to start the AAM service to the public at Fiumicino, first to extend it also to other airports in which we opened, between 2024”.

“The event of oggi rap presents a milestone in our journey finalized to be ‘pioneer’ in the experimentation and implementation of Advanced Air Mobility in Italy, and we will do our part to render and transport urbani always more sustainable and seamless,” has comment Marco Troncone, CEO of Aeroporti di Roma. “The opening of the first port in Italy and the flight of the first EVTOL team represented a significant step towards the activation of the first round AAM through the airport of Fiumicino and the center of Rome between the end of 2024, in view of the Giubileo, We offer our contribution to all of our cities and all institutions that welcome and flow international tourism with an innovative and state-of-the-art service”.

“In a little less than a year, a signed partnership agreement was signed and it gave a series of events to a flight test in a working structure. For this reason, we are meeting with you as the main stakeholder and the regulatory authority that has been established, we will show you this service of mobility and this technology,” said Christian Bauer, Chief Commercial Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer of Volocopter.

“This vertiport of proof is particularly important for UrbanV, in how much we present our first step towards the creation of a vertiport network in the area of ​​Rome,” commented Carlo Tursi, CEO of UrbanV. “In close synergy with all our partners in this new ecosystem of mobility, we are making progress towards the position of Rome as one of the prime European cities capable of offering direct collaboration with electric power, enjoying the experience that we have learned in our planning and in it. construction of land infrastructure for advanced air mobility.”

Recent studies by EASA and the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility1 maintain that the estimated size of the UAM market in Europe – R&S compression, vehicle production, operations and infrastructure construction – will be around 4.2 billion euros by 2030 , with the capacity to create or sustain around 90,000 posti di lavoro (excluding posti di lavoro in the production area). Keeping the variety of benefits that UAM can support in Europe, the study classifies Rome as one of the best cities in Italy for the implementation of UAM/AAM services.

The second year of the “Vertiport Experience” event will take place in a manner analogous to the first, with further approval by stakeholders and business partners for its market prospects, its component of the AAM ecosystem, its regulatory framework necessary for the sector’s launch and Sulle opportunità di creare reti più ampie per la construzione di questo settore emergent dell’aviazione. Joining these decision-making groups, Atlantia, ADR, Volocopter and UrbanV are creating the synergy and the campaign of voli di prova necessarie for a successful launch of the UAM nei prossimi tre anni.