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The growth of e-Sports in Portugal

eSports have more and more followers in Portugal

O mundo dos videojogos, known for gaming, is growing in the whole world. Want to be played on consoles, tablets, computers, or smartphones – or the most used device –, both online or offline, alone or accompanied, or gaming have more and more followers, who play just for fun, but also more and more professionals , that fazem destes jogos or seu way of life. As well as the competitive scenario of two videogames, made by e-Sports, also became increasingly important.

One of the two important components of this industry is sports betting, which will become more complete and attractive with the development and ease of access to sporting events, but also with the expansion of online games such as online casinos. This increase represents more than 46% compared to the same period of 2020. In a new area such as e-Sports, it ends up having more and more media coverage and, consequently, interest from bettors, despite the fact that in Portugal it is still not possible to bet in e-Sports.

A study by Accenture estimates that there are currently 2.7 billion gamers and that this industry has a value of more than 300 billion dollars worldwide. The expansion of this market has a direct impact on the companies that develop video games, our distributors, creators of content and platforms, boosting the economy of the two countries where they are present. However, this industry ends up having an impact on other entertainment areas as well, giving rise to non-cinema adaptations, large e-Sports arenas and many other aspects.

O gaming is going to gain followers all over the world

Gaming started in the middle of the 20th century, and has grown exponentially since then, with the help of all the technological evolution of the Internet. In 2018, we had more than 43.4 billion dollars in video game sales and the industry appreciated more than 800% since 2010. At this time, the 10 biggest YouTube gaming influencers have 405 million subscribers and are expected to In the next few years, we will reach 400 million new players.

The rise of the Internet had a unique impact on the history of video games. Even in the case of many games that already existed, they will have a greater number of players, due to the possibility of playing online, with Internet users from any part of the world. Além disso, because the Internet was blocked to the telemóveis, and the continuous improvements in these devices, brought new opportunities. The digital competitions will become possible from smartphones and from any place with Internet access, which attracts more and more users. To the Internet fez também chegar this phenomenon to new players. Accenture indicates that 21% of players have been around for four years or less, showing an increase in players in recent years.

Os e-Sports têm já a lot of media coverage

E-sports is about to become an increasingly larger and more competitive market, with new professional teams emerging every day. Some years ago it was unknown, mainly in Portugal, that this situation changed and, at this moment, it is an area in clear development. Either the e-sports market, or the competitive scene of two video games, such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty or FIFA, are now one of the two main players in the world of sports. The eSports and game streaming market is expected to grow 70% in the next four years, according to Juniper Research, expecting to move 3.5 billion dollars in 2025, against the current 2.1 billion dollars . Despite all this dimension in Portugal, much less for now, it is still not possible to bet on these sports more, with certainty, it will be a reality in the future, I have in mind the dimension that we are conquering.

Not our country has some professionals in the world of e-Sports that stand out in the modality in which they are inserted. There are seven Portuguese players among the 26 best players in the world, second or Pocket Fives, or that places Portugal tied with the United Kingdom. João Vieira, or “Naza282”, is one of the seven greatest poker professionals and currently #4 in the online world. His digital earnings from him exceed two 40 million dollars. O online poker is one of the modalities that stand out the most in eSports and, specifically, in Portugal. Diogo Pombo is another Portuguese professional gamer, in this case FIFA, as well as Amadeu Carvalho, who plays League of Legends and Ricardo Pacheco, not CS:GO.

Portugal has, at this moment, more than 10 teams specialized in e-Sports. Um example is or FTW, with teams specialized in various modalities and that the country represents in the main championships at the world level. Some soccer clubs, such as FC Porto, or Sporting or SL Benfica, have invested in e-Sports, and have their teams.

Likewise, it is foreseen that the gaming industry and e-Sports will continue to grow, with more and more new professional players. Second to JuniperResearchIn 2025, the e-Sports audience will reach one thousand thousand viewers, reaching 800 thousand by the end of 2021.