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The menstrual cycle: gives a taboo argument to a trending topic

New program of Petit BamBou that is dedicated to the female menstrual cycle: an invitation to mettersi in ascolto del corpo proper, to take care of it and to respect it in its own rhythm

The menstrual cycle, the mensile event that crosses the resistance of all women and the signs of fertility, from menarche to menopause, is guadagnando l’attenzione that deserves freeing itself from any taboo. Given the public dibattiti media, they donne stanno spreading always più consapevoli dell’importanza de this mensile appuntamento e ne parlano liberally. The female cycle is always seen with tiresome support, but it can be faced in a different way if you choose to accommodate it with confidence. Petit BamBou has elaborated a specific mindfulness meditation program for the menstrual cycle that will be available in March, the month dedicated to all women. In particular, the program will essere an invitation to mettersi in ascolto of the body itself, to take care of it and to respect it nei suoi ritmi.

The program is composed of 28 sessions, one per day of the female cycle, divided into 4 “stages” (winter, spring, state, autunno), the quali corresponds to a seventeenth week of the cycle. Ogni settimana, or “stagione”, include information on the menstrual cycle, its corresponding lunar phase, and in a parallelism with an archetype second to the work of Miranda Gray, rich writer of testi dedicated to all spirituality, other than to consigliare alle donne rituali, ascolti di testi poetici, piccoli gesti per muoversi verse the successive phase. The program is accompanied by the voice guide of Alice Curzi, psychologist, and curator of the author Camille Sfez (book “La Puissance du féminin”) and Emmanuelle Roques, artist, writer and photographer.

If it starts in any stage, that is in tune with the feeling of the moment and also respects the phase in which it is physiologically different, also winter is sowing this month that is adapted to start the program. Riscire to carry to finish a complete cycle will give a beautiful result, but also repeat it in time and stop capire if anything is changed or not in the body itself. È come esplorare se estesse, connettersi e conoscersi del profundo.

Il percorso è un voyage verse la consapevolezza e l’accettazione della ciclicità accogliendo le emozioni di quei giorni in maniera naturale. In the course of the month and of the stages of life, if I face the period in which I am maggior, I am calm and otherwise in my case if I am energetic, I am only going to stop being rich and alive because of what I am.

The first phase: WINTER

L’inverno corresponds to the time of menstruation, chiamato also il “tempo delle lune” dalle donne amerindie. The suggestion is born that I will follow the lunar cycle, I know if they have not menstruated, and I will start this series at the time of the new moon, or “black moon”. It is in the depth of winter that light is born, it is at the più yin moment of the cycle that initiates the innovation. This period may last between 4 and 7 days, although the program is considered an entire week. Quindi ci si può dedicare meno tempo oppure fare due meditazioni al giorno a seconda del personale feliz. Il tempo delle lune può essere molto ricco di insegnamenti se ci si mette in ascolto del corpo e si rallentano i ritmi. This is the moment in which it is possible to allow the fare of less, or to add it completely. Per molte donne questi pochi giorni vengono vissuti in preda a stanchezza e irritabilità, mentre in realtà dovrebbero essere accolti, accettando il riposo e approfittandone per rivolgere l’attenzione verso l’interno del corpo ascoltandolo.

The second phase: SPRING

​​​​​​This second part is dedicated to the pre-ovulatory phase that corresponds, in the cycle of the moon, to the crescent moment and to the season of spring. It is a moment of renewal and preparation for ovulation. In this week if I feel the impetus of the project fare, the desire of the movement, the desire to start anything new. Going through the program, if you learn not only to use the yang energy correctly, in a way to avoid escaping it by always doing it all the time, but I will also understand when it is the right moment to open the external verse and when to do it instead l’intern I know. In this phase the invitation is ad aprirsi to the world entering the spring.

The third phase: ESTATE

If it enters a new stage of the female cycle, that of the estate and of the characteristic ovulazione gives a strong energy and opens the world that is typical of the estate. The corresponding lunar phase is that of the full moon. All the menstrual cycle is built around this phase, it is an important step. Per alcune donne, le stagioni estive e invernali sono più brevi di quelle primaverili e autunnali. Quindi, come in one stagione, if close to understanding how much time if it passes in this phase of the cycle connecting with being stesse through the emotions and the understanding of the change of mood and of the body.

The fourth phase: AUTUNNO

​​​​​​​​If you want the program to enter the pre-menstrual phase, it corresponds to the autunnale stage and to the warming phase of the moon. L’ovulazione forse è avvenuta. E se nessun ovulo è estato fecondato, if it enters the period that precedes the menstruation. It will last for a long time and varies from woman to woman with a very diverse intensity. Irritability, accentuated sensibility, stanchezza sono alcuni dei sintomi della premenstrual phase, ma non sono affatto una passaggio obbligato. Ascolting I know this if it is to the degree of slowing down that I have symptoms and living in a different way during the passage.

Guided voice Alice Curzi

The voice guide of the program is Alice Curzi, a psychologist who lives and works in Milan. Dopo the degree in psychology with a specialization in Psychoanalysis of the Relationship and access to clinical practice within the learning of the subject of psychology of work, dedicating himself to the field of Risorse Umane, with particular attention to the topic of managerial training, welfare, and management of the stress. In 2014 he began to cultivate his personal interest in Mindfulness, participating in a series of classes and training through his protocol of Mindful Schools dedicated to the children and all the management of difficult emotions, with the intention of sustaining individual welfare and the sviluppo of it. positive relationship with the environment, introducing the practice of trust in clinical work with peace of mind, in that organization/administration and in the response to education for children.

Autrici of the program Camille Sfez and Emmanuelle Roques

Camille Sfez, clinical and formative psychologist, acompagna individui e gruppi ad ascoltare meglio se stessi, por una maggiore autenticità e libertà. She is also the author of “La Puissance du féminin” (edizioni Leduc), in which she shares her journey alla scoperta di tutto quanto c’è dipotent nella femminilità, in particular through the cyclical nature of the female body. She is the one who owns the title of the expert, she is the author of the program for her women’s cycle. Camille has achieved meditation through the app and meditates for the past 10 years. She guides the person who meditates using the visualization, which is like traveling through the sensations of the body and the vulnerability of our part of the depths, given that we have a great time.

Emmanuelle is soprattutto an artist guided by the curiosity of the world as a conductor. The writing and the photography are at the center of her creative expression, which turns on molte forme. She is specialized in the creation of cultural projects. Oggi, the artist’s inspiration is fueled by her profession as an MBSR teacher and her activism in the social and solid economy (with the Quate Camins Mezos project). Il suo maggiore stimolo de ella? Imparare cose nuove ogni giorno. Il suo obiettivo de ella? I will increase the Felicità Nazionale Lorda!