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The return of Luca Battifora: he will be managing director of Baja Hotels Travel Management

Baja Hotels Travel Management Srl – Owner company of the tour operator Sardinia 360 which has recently acquired 60% of Gastaldi Holidays Srl – Luca Battifora has been appointed as consigliere di administration, with delegation for the management and supervision of the tourism area, of the controlling company BHTM Srl and of the Gastaldi controller Holidays.
Luca Battifora, CEO of Hotelplan Italia and former president of ASTOI, now the Managing Director and member of the Board of the Baja Hotel Travel Management (BHTM Srl) and Gastaldi Holidays Srl.

L’AD e azionista del Gruppo, Marco Bongiovanni He would say: “In order to build and consolidate our position in the market, a change of pace in the structure and organization was necessary, which is why I am committed to presiding over the greatest and most diverse frontiers, as well as being impegnant. Da qui si è reso fundamentale mettere Luca Battifora a capo dell’area turismo in tutte le attività. With Luca we knew each other for so long and we shared many ideas and projects. The income of BHTM in Gastaldi Holidays, is the tangible example of a vision that brings together and has led to sanction a professional consolidation. The mature experience in great growth not only in tourism is an added value that our Gruppo will capitalize throughout the new tradition that we intend to grow. From me and from all the staff I am honored to give Luca the warm welcome aboard.”

Luca Battifora, managing Director BHTM comments “With Marco Bongiovanni we abbiamo più volte sfiorato l’idea di labor insieme, il tempo e gli eventi ci hanno porto oggi a realizzare questa ipotesi. In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Michele Cerruti, shareholder of the Gruppo Gastaldi Holding, my coinvolse in one study his possible strategy of rilancio and sviluppo of the tour operator Gastaldi Holidays; nell’azienda Gastaldi trovai molti point in common with how many were doing BHTM, and talked with Marco Bongiovanni and started to rationalize his un’idea di sviluppo; The successive step was sederci tutti e tre al tavolo. Man hand that the project takes shape, I will not limit my participation to the closing of the operation, we will be able to share it, it will be almost automatic. Il turismo è la mia vita professionale e questi anni del lontananza, extremely interesting and useful for my bagaglio professionale, non hanno scalfito ma semmai rafforzato il legame verso questo settore”.

BHTM will work allo sviluppo e consolidamento delle singole linee di business – alberghi sia di proprietà che in gestione o commitment, tour operating, ristorazione, valorizzazione del territory – che continuanno processi autonomi e al tempo stesso complementari como un insieme che si muove compatto all’interno I gave a strategy, one with its own objective, providing at the same time a precious contribution to the Group’s results. Tutte le aree di business saranno operate si sul canale trade agenziale italiano, che sui mercati internazionali.

“We intend to raccontare and provide our way to interpret the hospital Made in Italy, in Sardegna (ma chissà domani non solo) in the world, across and our TO, and our prodotti and our squadra: we have ambizioni di crescita ma non fine to be stessa, always keeping to the center of the client and the service. Credo ci siano tutti i presupposti per fare bene.”, concludes Luca Battifora.

Negli ultimi anni, nonostante pandemie e guerre, Baja Hotels Travel Management Srl è cresciuta sia nei numeri sia soprattutto nei prodotti.
Alle storiche strutture alberghiere di famiglia, i Baja Hotels, si è aggiunta l’offerta di Sardinia prodotto che conta oggi di oltre 200 strutture, commercializzate in all Europe through the tour operator Sardinia 360.
Di par passo si è sviluppata l’area ristorazione que no è più al servizio degli Gruppo ma è divenuta a vera e propria di business que conta oggi di 3 location: Somu (1 stella Michelin), Locanda Bastianu e il neonato Terrazze Nuraghi. In this area if you also belong to Phi Beach, location of consolidated national and international success, thanks to excellent management, it is also part of the Group. The winter season is 60% higher than Gastaldi Holidays, which is shared on the market strictly with the strong philosophy that always characterizes the historic Genoese brand: competence, quality and high standard of service, valorization of a prestigious history in the USA and the American Continent. .

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