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The thematic structure “Environment, prevention and health” of Arpae is born — Arpae Emilia-Romagna

From March 1, 2022, the new thematic structure Environment, prevention and health of Arpae is operational. All’interno dell’Agenzia, è the third thematic structure (dopo IdroMeteoClima e Daphne dedicated to the sea) and was born to preside over a theme of semper maggiore rilevanza, nell’ottica della PlanetaryHealththrough innovation and tradition.

The structure follows the logic of the evolution of the homonymous thematic center, created on its own in 2018 from the merger of the thematic center of environmental epidemiology with that of environmental tossicology. I know if you dovesse scegliere a parola che contrassegni il camino che ha portato alla nova struttura e ne identifichi il significato questa sarebbe “integration”: integration of knowledge, competence, methodology, appropriation and vision.

“I am on an exploratory path – below the director general of Arpae, Giuseppe Borton – born from the knowledge of the complexity of the environment-health interaction, a binomial often frequently settled in passing in a simple declination of an epidemiological approach to the impact of the environment”.

“The epidemiology of the third millennium, tuttavia, is diventata di per se a complessa scienza that has sviluppato il concetto di husbandma and if it nourishes say big data– underlines the responsibility of the structure, Annamaria Colacci-. The sanitary success in a population is not only the final result of a study, but the point of appropriation that responds to all households chiaves not only the dove and the perché, before eating. And if I arrived at an adverse success, it would only be possible to identify the toxicological profile of the agent or of the agents that could determine a damage and understanding of the mechanism that consented to the difference between the agent and the living organism”.

Il ruolo della new struttura

Talk about the living organism and not the person is a little bit of the key of the return to capire also the meaning of the new structure and to attribute the right position to it inside an environmental agency.

I first 20 years of the new millennium have not seen an’acceleration in tutti and contesti della scienza e della tecnologia. Bioinformatics and computerized biology have profoundly modified the conceptual and technical approach thereto studio delle interazioni uomo-ambiente. The possibility of exploring the interaction between esogenic and endogenous molecular agents, almost always in competition for gli stessi bersagli molecolari, and the ability to analyze if in the characterization of the environmental miscellany of the reti geniche, not the possibility of analyzing the migliaia di interaction, Hanno rafforzato consapevolezza che i meccanismi evolutionarily be conservati operano nello stesso modo in tutte le specie viveti e hanno access un riflettore sul possibile uso dell’ecotospsychology as an integral part of the studio dell’interazione fra ambient e salute umana.

i concetti di One Health and say eco-health I embrace the hypothetical complexity and show thanks to all new technology and it is evident in all its raw reality from the recent pandemic.

The latter has forced to revive and strengthen the concept of prevention, to include the possibility of interaction between agents of diverse nature, physics, chemistry and biology. The new thematic structure has brought together the cultural and scientific knowledge that animates this period, because it serves as the point of connection and internal coordination of the Arpae for the competence of the Sorreggon

The science of exposure and permission to guide the study of environment-health interaction, to decline and result in terms of prevention and to project towards the future in a common path with the many national structures – primarily the National Protection System ‘environment (Snpa) and the future National Health Prevention System, environment and climate (Snps) – and internationally, with which if they are formati and are growing in questi anni rapporti di stretta and proficua collaborazione.

The structure, inoltre, will give its contribution to the implementation of the Operational Plan of the National Plan complementary to the Pnrr “Ambiente Clima Salute Biodiversità” and to the design of the joint reform with the institution of the Snps.