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to confront with gli studenti its Environment, Salute and Sport

29 May 2022 17:08

“Adesso tocca a noi”: it is the strong message launched in the course of the III edition of the Green Ammi project. A special invitation to make your own contribution for the care and protection of the environment. The initiative, promoted by the section of Catanzaro dell’Ammi, if it is in the Cittadella Regionale.

“Il Green Ammi – the president Silvana Aiello Bertucci has stated – is to focus on its relationship with the environment, nature and health, alla quale, for the third meeting, we have added the parola sport, another important element for our psycho-physical health. ”

“Ringrazio – the president added – the Regione Calabria that shares with noi questo progetto sin dall’inizio. Finally, he found that he had raggiunto the private secretary of President Occhiuto, Luigi De Rose, who has agreed to the donation of fat to the Ammi alla Regione: an albero per diffondere il nostro messaggio di sostenibilità.”

“Credo molto nei semplici ma significativi management e realtà como l’Ammi sono speranze per il futuro di questa Terra”: sono state le parole di commento de De Rose.

Tanti e di rilievo gli interventi che si sono suseguiti.

Agostino Miozzo, consultant for the Calabria Region in matters of health and civil protection, has joined and ragazzi talking about the world of civil protection: “We always talk superficially about the problem of the environment – ​​it has been said – It is important to know how to behave in emergency case, to protect one’s own existence and that of others”.

“I’d fundamentally acquire a culture of Civil Protection – said Domenico Costarella, General Director of the Department of Civil Protection in Calabria – It’s time to learn knowledge to protect ad essere the territory.”

“Siamo quello che mangiamo – has pointed out Ludovico Abenavoli, doctor, component of the Unit of the Crisis for the Covid-19 of the Calabria Region – for this we dobbiamo follow the Mediterranean diet and regularly do sports activities: basilare per prevente l’insorgere di pathologie chronic.”

Saverio Mirarchi, president Lega Nazionale Dilettanti Calabria and vice president Area Sud LND has underlined the rule of sport per i giovani as an important educational agency.

The announcement of Antonella Palaia Di Tocco is confirmed by her recent insertion in the protection of the environment and the fundamental principles of the Costituzione; While the president of the FAI Calabria, Annalia Paravati, has reaffirmed the mission of the Italian Environment Fund and the will to spread the “culture of respect”.

Per Pietro Marino, president of the Vita Ambiente association, “it is important to rete and carry forward the program that scaturiscono da questi incontri. Thanks to this initiative we encourage you to sensitize the community and encourage an active cittadinanza”.

I veri protagonisti sono stati gli studenti del liceo scientifico “L. Siciliani” guidance of the scholastic leader Filomena Rita Folino, always attentive to the awareness raising program dedicated to the giovani, who has worked for the collaboration of teachers Francesca Ferraro, Maria Minervini, Rosanna Ierardi and Caterina Palaia.

Stefano Rotella and Azzura Palmisani have presented and carried out work during the year with the parrot company and dedicated to the theme of safeguarding and protection of the environment, with the purpose of requalifying some of the areas present in their Calabrian territory.

He also intervened Nuccia Carrozza, AMMI National Minister, and professors, Francesco Pirrone and Anna Minnicelli from the Technological Technical Institute “B. Chimirri”, directed by Roberto Caroleo, who is working hard on education for the priest and respectful of the green spaces.




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