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Valorizzazione dei data to increase competitiveness in travel

the project Evolution per Welcome Travel Group – WTG gave Atlantic Technologies (finalist result ai Digital Awards 2022 for the category CRM/Solutions for Marketing and Sales) is born from the variety necessità of the group. In the first place, I will speed up the collaboration between you and the distribution of companies (Sales, Service, Marketing, BI) and allow the WTG network of ingaggiare its own agency and final client in a well-structured way. Serve, inoltre, valorizzare and dati raccolti in the corso delle attività to obtain a fast time to market and obtain a competitive advantage by providing information, soprattutto to have traccia and avere “digital memory” of the client and to be able to effect personalized marketing actions.

The evolution of the travel agency

Welcome Travel Group (WTG) is a network of agencies that has around 2,500 agencies in its territory and is a point of reference in all travel and vacations for more than a million customers every year. Born in 1999, she participated equally alpitour and Costa Crociere.

Today, the agency is spinning to innovate its own approach towards the client to be able to respond to all the new choices of travelers and stay in step with the concurrence of the digital channel. The pandemic, with its impact on the Travel&Hospitality sector, has further accelerated the start of travel defining its own approach to the market and valuing the potential of digital innovation.

The project is born in this answer. Not alone. During its development, the acquisition of a company is further complex in that it has richiesto integrate its different network and harmonize and relativi process.

The technological platform used

The project was born with the idea of ​​offering a unique and centralized platform for the network and all the partner agencies.

The creation of a dedicated and interconnected portal has allowed all’azienda in its entirety, alle realtà affiliated, oltre que ai finali consumtori, de fruire de un serie de opportunità.

In the first place, you will be able to manage and modify your own database autonomously through a CRM, which will be able to profile and travel and identify and identify the bisogni through the history of the interaction.

The new platform allows così, for example also alle Agenzie, to build the personalized Marketing campaign in B2B2C optics, again based on its characteristics of its own traveler other than in relazione ai preventivi or confirm effettuati.

As a consumer, i clients possono acquistare servizi dal network en modalità Self (website, digital content etc.), così come gestire preventivi diretti grazie alle integrazioni con i più noti tour operator di settore e, anchor, avere accesso diretto al supporto ache traverso la FAQ section.

Specifically, the Sales Division of WTG is now able to manage the affiliation process with new agencies, with greater efficiency, reducing, for example, the activation time through the use of DocuSign by signing the contract. I am stati poi forniti servizi pratici multo utilisa quelli per optimizare le distanze percorse in the visit, per manage al meglio i processi di upselling oppure per monitorare KPI del venduto e dei sustenuti cost, avere a chiara visione dei fatturati per segment e cecetera.

The solution has also become positive for the operation of Customer Care that can obtain a subdivision ticket for the typology/skill of the operator that serves and, on the other hand, can enjoy the real-time chat by colloquiating with the territorial agency for urgent problems . Know, add and be responsible for monitoring the progress and various statuses of the ticket through a simple dashboarding system.

Le fasi ei benefici che caratterizzano il progetto

The development of the project if it is articulated in 3 parts, di cui l’ultima è anchor in corso.

The Pilota project (February 2022) has foreseen the availability of the solutions of the Sales, Service, Marketing team of some “Innovator” agencies to have the feedback obtained all the uses.

The first phase (as of April) has involved the comprehensive rehabilitation of 6,000 additional sales and the launch of the environment related to the BI, other than training for the ingaggio and il raggiungimento degli utenti.

Oggi, if you are doing enhancement of your plan (loyalty program, document management, DMS -Document Management System for editorial content and images, telephone integration) and testing for continuous innovation.

The project has in this way put the end customer at the center of a digital transformation strategy guided by it.

I benefit from the fact that, at once, the reduction of the collaboration time is distributed, and, in addition, the visibility of the information and the information provided by the staff is increased by means of a single platform that allows the enjoyment and data in real time for making decisions strategiche.

In a market in continuous evolution like that of tourism, I will identify the choice of its own final client and offer its market in rapid time with the best proposition and the different value compared to the competitor. E tutto questo è possibile grazie alla conoscenza dei singoli viaggiatori, delle loro abitudini, preferenze eccetera.

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